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Manslaughter Charges in Colorado | A Dangerous Wedding Argument

Posted by Unknown | Jul 24, 2015 | 0 Comments

We've all had arguments where we've reached the end of our rope. Sometimes, these arguments end in bursts of anger or tears. In one case, a bride and her husband's argument led to unforeseen circumstances. The two were arguing about who should drive home hours after their wedding ceremony when something terrible happened. The bride testified that she tried moving a handgun from her husband's glove box when it went off and killed her niece. If this accident occurred in Arapahoe or Adams County, the woman would likely face charges of Manslaughter.

Manslaughter Charges in Colorado

The definition of Manslaughter, C.R.S 18-3-104, in Morgan and Jefferson County is:

A person commits the crime of manslaughter if:

  • Such person recklessly causes the death of another person; or
  • Such person intentionally causes or aids another person to commit suicide.

Manslaughter is a class 4 felony in Colorado no matter what the circumstances are. A class 4 felony means someone convicted could face up to six years in the Colorado Department of Corrections. Since this woman was likely caught up in the argument with her husband, she wasn't paying attention to the handgun when she grabbed it. And, unfortunately, it led to the death of another person. This makes it likely she would face charges of Manslaughter for recklessly causing the death of another individual.

Facing Manslaughter charges?

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Manslaughter is Often an Accident in Denver and Douglas County

Across Colorado, Manslaughter charges and convictions can result after a devastating accident, like in this news story. The police and the District Attorney act fast to try to prove someone's guilt in cases of Manslaughter, even when it's involuntary. This is overwhelming for many people who have accidentally caused the death of another person and are suffering tremendous grief. The attorneys at the O'Malley Law Office recognize the difficulty in processing through a charge or conviction of Manslaughter. We are here to listen to your side of the story, and will fight for ways to defend you in court.

Why You Need the Best Denver Criminal Defense Lawyers

Not only is it scary facing charges for the death of another person, but it can be traumatizing. The bride in this news story may likely experience bitterness and resentment from other family members, making it hard to move forward. Though her niece's death may have been an accident, people can still be unforgiving. Often, many people charged with Manslaughter in Arapahoe and Adams County face similar reactions from others. An experienced criminal defense attorney will see your situation differently. With 40 years of combined courtroom experience, we want to be the ones to stand by your side. Contact us today for a free initial consultation if facing charges of Manslaughter. Together, we can protect you and your future.

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