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Jonathan Blasewitz

It is my goal to make sure that you are treated fairly throughout this process, that your voice is heard, and that law enforcement and the district attorney are held to their significantly high burden of proving the charges against you.

Meet Criminal Defense Attorney Jonathan Blasewitz

While working at Safeway in college, I witnessed first-hand the vast discrepancy individuals and entities had in power over individuals without. It was there I found my passion in fighting for the “little guy” against the systems in place that are often unfair and oppressive, particularly against those who have never experienced the system before.

A criminal charge does not have to define who you are. As your attorney, I will make sure that you aren't alone throughout this difficult process and that your rights are ardently protected.

Jonathan's Education and Experience

I was born in Colorado and raised in Boulder. I attended the University of Colorado in Boulder and received my Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts. After I graduated, I attended the University of Colorado Law School and received my Juris Doctor degree. In law school, I served as a student attorney in the Civil Practice Clinic where I represented individuals who were unable to afford an attorney in family law and immigration matters. Additionally, I represented federal workers when I interned for a labor union in Washington, D.C. Those experiences taught me how to conduct myself professionally and knowledgeably in and outside courtroom and to understand and advocate for my clients.

I will make sure your rights are ardently protected.

Prior to working at Sawyer Legal Group, I served as a prosecutor in three different judicial districts for nearly five years including Arapahoe, Douglas, Adams, Broomfield, Elbert, Lincoln, Prowers, Cheyenne, Kiowa, and Baca counties. During those five years, I handled nearly every type of criminal charge in the State of Colorado from minor traffic infractions, DUI's, domestic violence, and felonies including attempted murder, kidnapping, aggravated robbery, burglary, arson, varying degrees of assault, sexual assault, weapons charges, and drug charges. I've appeared in front of and built strong relationships with dozens of different judges and district attorneys throughout the state, most of whom still serve to this day. When the judge and the district attorney take your attorney seriously, they take your case seriously.


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  • Colorado, 2015


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Becoming a Criminal Defense Attorney

I chose to become a criminal defense attorney because I felt I would be better positioned to help people and make a difference in people's lives. As your attorney, I will stand up for you and fight for your rights. It is my goal to make sure that you are treated fairly throughout this process, that your voice is heard, and that law enforcement and the district attorney are held to their significantly high burden of proving the charges against you.

Jonathan's Case Results

  • Juvenile Sexual Exploitation of a Child - Arapahoe County - Diversion
  • Deregistration - Douglas County - Granted
  • Domestic Violence 3rd Degree Assault At-Risk - Jefferson County - Dismissed
  • Domestic Violence Harassment - Elbert County - Dismissed
  • Seal Arrest on Civil Contempt - Douglas County - Granted
  • Felony Menacing + 3rd Degree Assault - Pueblo County - Reduced to Harassment (fine only)
  • Internet Luring of a Child - Broomfield - Deferred Judgement & Sentence
  • Child Abuse - Douglas County - Dismissed
  • Violation of a Protection Order - Adams County - Dismissed & Sealed
  • Sealing (5 cases) - Douglas County - Successful
  • Deregistration - Adams County - Granted
  • 1st Degree Criminal Trespass - Weld County - Dismissed
  • DMV Revocation - Douglas County - Successfully Obtained Probationary Driver's License
  • Cocaine Possession - Adams County - Dismissed
  • Domestic Violence Criminal Mischief - Adams County - Dismissed
  • Deregistration - Boulder County - Granted
  • Possession of Marijuana - Douglas County - Dismissed
  • Animal Violation - Elbert County - Dismissed
  • Child Abuse - Adams County - Dismissed
  • Assault - Jefferson County - Dismissed
  • 3rd Degree Assault Domestic Violence - Arapahoe County - Dismissed
  • Criminal Mischief - El Paso County - Dismissed
  • Posting a Private Image for Harassment - Boulder County - Dismissed
  • Domestic Violence Assault - Douglas County - Dismissed
  • Deregistration - Jefferson County - Granted


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    I would just like the say how meeting Jonathan Blasewitz changed my life from going down a potentially life destructing scenario. I was lucky enough to find and meet him at a point in my life where if it had been any other lawyer I don't believe I would have gotten the outcome that I just did. He...
  • Elizabeth D. Recommends Jonathan Blasewitz

    Jonathon Blasewitz did a great job with my case, he did a great job interacting and listening to me. I know it wasn't easy at first, I have a brain injury, and communication coming from me was difficult. Mr. Blasewitz had great patience and great professionalism, and still showed up in court for ...
  • Ronnie L. Recommends Jonathan Blasewitz

    Jonathan Blasewitz really went the extra mile for me. He definitely got the best possible outcome on my case and he guided me through the entire process, let me know everything that I needed to do (which I would not have been able to figure out myself), and he always responded to every question I...

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