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Adams County Jail Information

The Adams County Jail is located in Brighton, Colorado, at the following address:

150 North 19th Avenue

Brighton, CO 80601

Phone: 303-654-1850

The criminal defense attorneys at our office provide 24-hour jail visits at the Adams County Jail. If your friend or family member has been arrested, they are most likely scared and disoriented. When you call our office and request a jail visit, one of our experienced criminal defense lawyers will visit your friend or loved one in jail. We will give them insight into their case, advice on remaining silent, and hope that there is a plan underway for their defense.

Learn more about mail policies at the Adams County Jail.

Mail Info

Learn more about visiting an inmate at the Adams County Jail.

Visiting Info

Learn more about posting bond or bail at the Adams County Jail.

Bail/Bond Info

Learn more about work release programs offered at the jail.

Work Release Info

Inmate Mail at the Adams County Jail

If you wish to send mail to an inmate in the Adams County Jail, there are a few things you need to know. First, know that an in-house detective can make copies of any mail which goes through the jail. Don't talk about your criminal case. It is important to know that mail cannot be sent from another jail or prison facility. Here is a list of items which are allowed to be sent to inmates in the Adams County Jail, as well as forbidden items:

Allowed Items

  • 10 Photos no larger than 5×7
  • 10 pages of internet material (articles, puzzles, jokes)
  • Bibles (must be paperback, and sent directly from the publisher. Items wrapped in plastic are not allowed)
  • Newspaper subscriptions

Forbidden Items

  • Tobacco and Matches
  • Writing Materials (stamps, paper, envelopes, blank cards)
  • Food and Candy
  • Jewelry or rosary beads
  • Phone cards
  • Polaroid Photos
  • Glue or items which are glued
  • Lip Gloss and Perfume (including “kisses” on envelopes)
  • Nudity
  • Laminated or plastic coated items
  • Original Driver's License
  • Money (cash, checks)
  • Homemade crafts or greeting cards, with bows, tape, glitter, etc.
  • Magazines
  • Recreational / leisure reading material

When sending mail, please address it in the following manner:

Inmate Name Booking ID Number Adams County Detention Facility PO Box 5001 Brighton, CO 80601

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Posting Adams County Bail | Types of Bonds | Fees

In addition to the bond or bail, there is a $10 bond fee and $40 book fee (yes, you have to pay to get arrested). The following types of bonds can be posted at the Adams County Jail:

Property Bond

If you have enough equity in property, you can use this equity as a bond.

Cash Bond

You will get this money back at the end of the case if the inmate obeys the bond conditions.

Surety Bond

This is like renting money for a fee – you will pay interest.

Personal Recognizance

Can only be done with the approval of the court.

Early involvement of a lawyer in criminal cases is crucial.

Work Release Program:

The Adams County Jail offers work release sentences if approved by the court. However, you must complete your application prior to sentencing to be considered for the program. Otherwise, you will have to wait in jail for everything to be verified. Proof of employment is necessary, and there are up front and weekly costs involved.

Visits from Friends, Family Members, and Legal Personnel

Visitation is subject to change. Please visit the Adams County Jail visitation page to ensure updated information. Inmates can receive visitors either in person or through the internet using a program ( ) which costs $12 per visit. You must register ahead of time for online and in-person visits. All conversations are recorded and can be used against you in court. Do not discuss your case at all. Your Sawyer Legal Group attorneys are allowed to visit inmates at the jail 24/7 if you wish to have someone speak with your friend or loved one.

Why a Jail Visit by an Attorney is Important

If you have a friend or a loved one in the Adams County Jail, it's in their best interest to have an attorney visit them. This is because police detectives and investigators are quick to interview and interrogate them before a lawyer is able to advise them to exercise their right to remain silent. Unbeknownst to the inmate, there is a race to talk to them first. Because of the importance of remaining silent, it is wise to quickly contact an attorney to visit them in jail. One of our skilled lawyers will advise them of their rights and give them hope as we prepare their defense.

We will advise your loved one to exercise their right to remain silent.

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