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Douglas County Jail Information

The Douglas County Jail is located at the same location as the Douglas County Courthouse in Castle Rock, Colorado, at the following address:

Robert A. Christensen Justice Center 4000 Justice Way Castle Rock, Colorado 80109 Phone: 303-660-7505

The skilled lawyers at Sawyer Legal Group offer 24/7 jail visits to the Douglas County Jail. If you have a family member or friend who has been arrested, they need someone to advise them of their right to remain silent and offer them hope in their case. We will meet your loved one in jail and give them this hope.

Learn more about mail policies at the Douglas County Jail.

Mail Info

Learn more about how to visit a Douglas County Jail inmate.

Visiting Info

Learn about posting bond or bail at the Douglas County Jail.

Bail/Bond Info

Learn about how money & phone calls are handled at the jail.

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Learn more about work release programs offered at the jail.

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Mail Information at the Douglas County Jail

If you wish to send mail to an inmate, use the following format:

Forbidden Items

  • Stationary (paper, stamps, envelops)
  • Letters with stickers, crayons, lipstick, magazine cutouts
  • Personal Items
  • Hardback Books

Allowed Items

  • Books and Magazines are allowed; however, they must be sent directly from the publisher / store (such as People Magazine, Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, etc)
  • Plain Greeting Cards (no stickers, foil, glue, glitter)

Please address mail as exactly as follows, and be sure to include a return address:

Full name of Inmate (no nickname or aliases) Douglas County Detention Facility 4000 Justice Way, Suite 2630 Castle Rock, Colorado 80109-7547

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Types of Bonds Permissible at the Douglas County Jail

In addition to the bail or bond, there is a $10 bond fee and a $40 booking fee. The following bail bonds are accepted at the Arapahoe County Jail:

Cash Bond

Cash bonds are returned if the inmate meets all court appearances and the court case is over.

Surety Bond

Used when person posting the bond doesn't have the entire amount available to post. A 10%-15% non-refundable fee is charged.

Personal Recognizance

Approval of the court is needed for this type of bond.

The best thing to do is to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Money for Use in Jail

A friend or family member can place money into an inmate's account for food and personal items to be purchased in jail. Deposits can be made online, or in-person at the Douglas County Sheriff's Office located at the above address. Please note that some of the money will be taken to pay fees and fines accumulated against the inmate by law. 

Telephone Calls to the Jail

Inmates are allowed to make collect phone calls to outsiders using a system called Telmate. If friends or family members would like to deposit money so an inmate can place these calls directly, please visit or call 1-800-516-0115. Costs vary, depending on the location of the call, so make sure that you look at the details on the website.

Work Release Program / Alternative Sentencing for Douglas County

The work release program is an alternative to spending time constantly in jail. It allows inmates the option to work and provide for their families while serving their time when not on the job. Unfortunately, weekend sentences are not available. To be considered for the work release program, an inmate must meet the following requirements:

  • Court / Jail Approved
  • Proof of Emplyment
  • Acceptable Criminal History
  • No Outstanding Warrants
  • Good Behavior in the Facility

Visitors Are Allowed

But Are No-Contact

Inmates may have visitors at the jail; however, they must be scheduled 24 hours in advance either using a kiosk at the detention facility or online at The number of people allowed, and the length of visits depends on the housing unit and classification status of the inmate. Inmates are allowed two free visits a week. After that, there is a charge of $7.50 per 30 minute visit. If a friend or family member cannot visit at the jail for whatever reason, then they have the option of visiting remotely in the comfort of their own home for a fee. There are certain items for identification required in order to visit, so please refer to the website to see what is needed. Please note that all visits are recorded and can be used against the inmate. Therefore, it is advisable to not speak about the case at all during your visit.

How to Schedule a Visit

All visits must be in person and scheduled 24 hours in advance using the jail's automated Inmate Visitation System or by calling 303-795-4524. Before scheduling a visit however, a visitor who is on the inmate's list must obtain an ID number. You can get one by calling the following number: 720-874-3500. Each time you visit, you must bring either a driver's license or other type of government issued identification. In addition, cell phones or any type of electronic device are not allowed in the visitation booth.

Attorney Privileges: Sawyer Legal Group

The Douglas County Jail does offer attorney jail visitation privileges. One of our experienced attorneys can visit an inmate using one of two jail interview rooms. The benefit of having an attorney visit your friend or loved one is great – we will advise them of their right to remain silent, discuss a plan for their defense, let them know you care for them, and give them hope.

Arranging a jail visit lets your loved one know you care for them.

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