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Denver Aggravated Robbery Lawyer: “Darth Vader” Attempts to Rob Store

Posted by Unknown | Jan 25, 2016 | 0 Comments

Whenever a new movie is about to come out, we've all seen people who dress up as the movie characters in public. Unsurprisingly, it seems there are some people who not only dress like a character in a movie, but act like them too. According to a recent news story, for instance, a man was apparently dressed and acting violent like the character Darth Vader from Star Wars when intending to rob a convenience store. He allegedly pointed a gun at a convenience store clerk and demanded money. When the store clerk refused to give him money, another employee then threw a jar of blue cheese dressing at him, hitting him in the face. I guess the power of the force wasn't strong enough for the pretend Darth Vader. In Denver and Adams County, the Darth Vader wanna-be would be charged with Aggravated Robbery. If you've been charged with Aggravated Robbery anywhere in Colorado, be sure to hire an Aggravated Robbery attorney immediately.

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Aggravated Robbery Lawyer in Denver: What is Aggravated Robbery in Colorado?

As it applies to this news story, Denver and Douglas County Aggravated Robbery, C.R.S. 18-4-302(1)(a), is charged whenever someone (during the act of robbery or flight therefrom) is armed with a deadly weapon with intent, if resisted, to kill, maim, or wound the person robbed or any other person.  The man in the news story allegedly pointed a gun (a deadly weapon) at the store clerk and demanded money. Denver prosecutors might argue that since he had a deadly weapon, he could have killed, maimed or wounded the store clerk if the clerk didn't give him money.

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Aurora Aggravated Robbery Commonly Charged After Aggravated Situations

In Aurora and Arapahoe County, men and women are often charged with Aggravated / Armed Robbery after situations where emotions have gotten out of control. When emotions are heavy, it's a lot harder to make rational decisions. For example, we've seen Colorado Robbery and Aggravated Robbery cases where property or other items of value are taken when a couple is separating or already broken up. In Colorado, Aggravated Robbery is a class 3 felony extraordinary risk crime, which means prison sentencing is harsher for those convicted of this charge. If you've been accused or charged with Aggravated Robbery in Arapahoe or Jefferson County, contact an Aggravated Robbery lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced Colorado Aggravated Robbery lawyer is essential to have by your side in court.

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