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Unlawfully Carrying a Concealed Weapon – C.R.S. 18-12-105

In Colorado, not every person is able to exercise their Constitutional right to bear arms. Since 2003, a number of laws have passed which limit who can possess a firearm. This includes qualifications that must be met in order to get a concealed carry permit, such as being 21 years old, proficiency with a handgun, the ability to pass a background check, and an approved application from the sheriff. Legislation restricting people from carrying a personal weapon who have a restraining order against them, a conviction of certain offenses, multiple alcohol-related convictions, or if they are habitual alcohol abusers, have also passed in the last fifteen years. If someone carries a concealed weapon without a concealed weapons permit, or if they are restricted for any other reason, they could be charged with Unlawfully Carrying a Concealed Weapon in Denver, Arapahoe, or Douglas County.

Law Regarding Concealed Guns and Knives

A person can be charged in Adams and Jefferson County if they knowingly and willingly commit the following actions without a concealed carry permit.

1.Hide a firearm somewhere on his or her body

2.Carry a hidden knife with a blade larger than 3.5 inches

3.Bring, possess, or carries a weapon or any other dangerous device into a place where a legislative proceeding is or will take place such as a courthouse or where an office of the general assembly is located

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What is the Sentence for Unlawful Possession of Concealed Weapons?


Unlawfully Carrying a Concealed Weapon is a class 1 misdemeanor in Adams, Jefferson, and El Paso County, and across Colorado.


A conviction carries a possible jail sentence of up to a year in the Denver County Jail, and possible fine of up to $1,000.

When is it Legal to Carry a Concealed Weapon, Gun, or Knife?

There are exceptions to the rule when it comes to the legality of carrying a concealed weapon. These are found under the statute – C.R.S. 18-12-105, in section 2. Let's look closer at the statute so we can determine when is it okay for a person to legally carry a concealed weapon in Weld, Larimer, and Boulder County:

  • With a Valid Concealed Carry Permit
  • In a Private Vehicle for Self Defense
  • At Home, or at Your Own Business or Property
  • As a Police Officer On Duty
  • As a Probation Officer on Duty

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At Sawyer Legal Group, we firmly believe in a person's right to bear arms. We do everything we can to protect this Constitutional right. If you have been falsely accused or falsely arrested and charged with Possession of a Concealed Weapon or another firearm crime, contact one of our hard-hitting criminal defense lawyers. The knowledgeable attorneys at Sawyer Legal Group have vast experience representing clients charged with exercising their right to carry a hidden weapon. If you would like assistance in applying for a concealed carry permit, we can help with that as well. Contact us today to protect your right to concealed carry and your future.


Colorado Unlawfully Carrying a Concealed Weapon Unlawful Possession of Weapons Statute – C.R.S. 18-12-105

“(1) A person commits a class 1 misdemeanor if such person knowingly and unlawfully:

(a) Carries a knife concealed on or about his or her person; or

(b) Carries a firearm concealed on or about his or her person; or

(c) Without legal authority, carries, brings, or has in such person's possession a firearm or any explosive, incendiary, or other dangerous device on the property of or within nay building in which the chambers, galleries, or offices of the general assembly, or either house thereof, are located, or in which a legislative hearing or meeting is being or is to be conducted, or in which the official office of any member, officer, or employee of the general assembly is located.

(2) It shall not be an offense if the defendant was;

(a) A person in his or her own dwelling or place of business or on property owned or under his or her control at the time of the act of carrying; or

(b) A person in a private automobile or other private means of conveyance who carries a weapon for lawful protection of such person's or another's person or property while traveling; or

(c) A person who, at the time of carrying a concealed weapon, held a valid written permit to carry a concealed weapon issued pursuant to section 18-12-105.1, as it existed prior to its repeal, or, if the weapon involved was a handgun, held a valid permit to carry a concealed handgun or a temporary emergency permit issued pursuant to part 2 of this article; except that it shall be an offense under this section if the person was carrying a concealed handgun in violation of the provisions of section 18-12-214; or

(d) A peace officer, as described in section 16-2.5-101, C.R.S., when carrying a weapon in conformance with the policy of the employing agency as provided in section 16-2.5-101 (2), C.R.S.; or

(f) A United States probation officer or a United States pretrial services officer while on duty and serving in the state of Colorado under the authority of rules and regulations promulgated by the judicial conference of the United States.”

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