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Pretext Calls in Sex Crime Cases

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Pretext calls are common in sex crime cases in Denver, Arapahoe, and Jefferson County. But, what exactly is a pretext call? Let's take a moment to look at this technique which is used by the police in many different cases, including Sexual Assault and Sexual Assault on a Child.

What is a Pretext Call?

A pretext call is a technique used by sheriff's deputies and the police in order to gather evidence against a defendant in a criminal case. They have the alleged victim in your case come to the police station, where they will call you. A device that fools the caller ID is used to make it look as if the call is coming directly from their phone – when you get the call, you won't know the alleged victim is actually at the police station. The police coach the alleged victim during the call, trying to get you to admit guilt or talk about the case against you. The entire conversation is recorded.

Why Do the Police Use Pretext Calls?

Police employ this tactic in order to get evidence against you. Everything you say is recorded, and officers take notes during the entire call while coaching the alleged victim. They need certain components in order to convict you of a sexual offense. An admission of guilt is the best piece of evidence they can get. They will twist your words, and give meaning to pauses or slow responses. All the evidence they gather during this call is turned over to the District Attorney in your case.

What to Do if You Get a Pretext Call

If you have any indication that a  child or alleged victim wants to talk to you about any sexual contact – whether or not you have had it – say you will not talk about it over the phone. It is much better to discuss things in-person at a public place. Recording devices used during physical meetings are not as common (although they do exist). If you get a call from someone and they ask questions such as: “I want to resolve a few issues from the past,” or “did that mean anything to you?” it is a good sign you are receiving a pretext call. The person on the other end of the call is likely being coached by an officer at the police station. They are waiting for you to admit guilt in any way.

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