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A Juvenile Client Recommends Sawyer Legal Group, LLC

When my teenage son was arrested I began looking for juvenile criminal defense lawyers right away. I spoke with a dozen or so over the phone and met with a few in person. None of them came across as having what I was looking for, which was the professional compassion needed to handle a case as sensitive and serious as my sons. When I spoke with her, I knew I had found the right lawyer right away. She was very respectful, and empathetic to my state of mind dealing with all the stress of the first few days after the arrest. She gave me some very reassuring facts about the reality of cases similar to my sons and possible outcomes, good or bad. She met with my son and I together but treated him with the utmost respect and made it very clear to him that her job was to look out for his best interest and provide him with the best defense possible. She made him feel like he wasn't alone in his struggle to prove his innocence anymore. She is very knowledgable and has been very proactive, recommending some great professionals for case related needs (evaluations & court ordered therapies) as well. She keeps us informed on where we are in the process of the case and what we need to do next. I have been very pleasantly surprised by how much easier it is to find our way through the judicial system now that we have the right navigator on our side.

– A Juvenile Client

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