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Third Degree Arson – C.R.S. 18-4-104

If you have been charged, arrested or accused of third degree arson in Denver, Adams County, or any other area of Colorado, act quickly and involve an experienced arson attorney as soon as possible. In many 3rd degree arson cases across Colorado, fires are started accidentally. But, men and women are still charged with third degree arson. You need a third degree arson lawyer at Sawyer Legal Group to defend your rights if facing any accusations or charges of third degree arson.

What is the Definition of 3rd Degree Arson in Arapahoe County?

Third degree arson, C.R.S. 18-4-104, is charged in Glendale, Arapahoe County and every other county of Colorado whenever a person who, by means of fire or explosives, intentionally damages any property with intent to defraud.

Arson in the Third Degree Sentence in Douglas County, Colorado

In Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Douglas County and every other part of Colorado, 3rd degree arson is a class 4 felony. A class 4 felony is punishable by a 2 to 6 year prison sentence in the Colorado Department of Corrections and up to $500,000 in fines. Three years of parole are also required after you are released from prison.  Other possible punishments might include a Douglas County Jail sentence, community service, work release, community corrections and probation.

Third degree arson charges can be serious: It is vital that you work with an attorney to get the best possible outcome in your case.

Intent to Defraud in 3rd Degree Arson Cases in Jefferson County, Colorado

What separates Third degree arson from other Arson cases in Golden, Jefferson County and everywhere else in Colorado is the element of intending to defraud. What this means is that someone intentionally damaged property with the intent to get money illegally. An example of third degree arson might be if someone intentionally damages their own property (such as a car) to get insurance money. This would occur if a person set their car on fire in order to get a greater value than they could receive selling it outright.

Adams County Third Degree Arson vs. 1st Degree Arson: Damage to “Any Property”

Another element that separates arson in the third degree from first degree arson cases in Brighton, Adams County and every other area of Colorado is that property damaged or destroyed in a first degree arson case must be a building or occupied structure of another. First degree arson is the most serious of the arson crimes because of this reason. However, the property damaged in a third degree arson case can include any property. This could include anything from a home or a vehicle.

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If you have been arrested, accused or charged with third degree arson in Denver or anywhere else in Colorado, don't hesitate to contact the best arson attorneys at Sawyer Legal Group right away. Police and fire investigators can easily accuse you of something you might not have done when it comes to arson crimes. Speaking to police or fire investigators about anything related to your third degree arson charges is never a good idea. Call a third degree arson lawyer at Sawyer Legal Group today to schedule a free initial consultation so we can begin fighting for your freedom.

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Third Degree Arson Colorado Statute – C.R.S 18-4-104

““(1) A person who, by means of fire or explosives, intentionally damages any property with intent to defraud commits third degree arson.

(2) Third degree arson is a class 4 felony.”

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