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Police Involved Crimes in Denver Metro Area

Denver Police Officers are Human Like the Rest of Us

Recently, several police officers and their police chief were arrested for a variety of crimes. These included: Bribery, embezzlement, making criminal threats, and a few other charges all – of which involved immigrants. When these kinds of stories are published in the news, people often make statements such as:

“Cops are not really helping people. Instead, they are helping themselves.”

Unfortunately, this observation rings true for many police officers in Colorado. In order to gain prestige or reach a quota of issuing a certain number of tickets, cops often make compromises when it comes to justice. A person could be pulled over or taken to jail for no apparent reason.

Police Crime in Jefferson and Adams County: Charged With A Police Related Crime? Why You Need a Lawyer

If you have been charged with a police involved crime in Jefferson or Adams County (see list below), you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who is familiar with these types of charges and knows how to present an effective defense in your case.

Douglas County Judges are Biased Towards the Police

When it comes to any charge involving a police officer in Douglas County, judges have a tendency to take the side of an officer. You need someone who is on your side and who will utilize every resource at his disposal such as investigators, expert witnesses, and accident reconstructionist to exonerate you of your charges, or lessen the impact of your conviction. The attorneys at Sawyer Legal Group have been working with clients accused of police involved crimes for over twenty years. Our success rate is high, because we care about you.

Examples of Charges Involving Police Officers

Resisting Arrest C.R.S. 18-8-103

A police officer in Jefferson County is handcuffing you in order to take you to jail. The cuffs are too tight, so you wiggle a little, and ask that they be loosened. This movement and request could be misconstrued as Resisting Arrest by the arresting officer. Learn More

Assault on a Police / Peace Officer C.R.S. 18-3-203 (1)(c)

A police officer is trying to do his job in Denver County. A riot ensues after a big sports event, and a group of people jump the officer, who is injured during the fighting. Many in the crowd, whether they touched the officer or not, are charged as Assault on a Police Officer. Learn More

Escape C.R.S. 18-8-208

You are getting ready for bed when you hear a loud knock. Standing at your door is a sheriff deputy from Arapahoe County there to arrest you. You don't know why he's there and you are scared, so you run away after being placed under arrest. Your moment of panic is charged as Escape. Learn More

Impersonating a Police/Peace Officer C.R.S. 18-8-112

A man in Commerce City sees the injustice of the world all around him. So, he pretends to be a police officer and patrols through neighborhoods to make sure citizens are safe in Adams County. This attempt to help out is charged as Impersonating a Police Officer. Learn More

False Reporting C.R.S. 18-8-111

Your cousin is in trouble after a misunderstanding with the law in Douglas County. A state trooper asks for the location of your cousin. You lead the trooper in the wrong direction. Your effort to help is charged as False Reporting and Accessory after the fact. Learn More

Obstruction of a Peace Officer C.R.S. 18-8-104

A firefighter in El Paso County is trying to do his job. He rudely tells you to stay away from your own house in Colorado Springs . You refuse and try to enter your residence to get your pet dog, upsetting the firefighter. This interference is charged as Obstruction of a Peace Officer. Learn More

Police involved crimes are serious,

because the “victim” is law enforcement.

Police Crimes Lawyer in Arapahoe County: Punishment and Consequences of Police Involved Crimes

Each police involved crime is charged differently in Arapahoe County. Some are classified as misdemeanors, while others are a felony. As a result, the punishment is different, ranging from probation to County Jail, to prison. This is why you need a skilled attorney who knows the best way to represent your case in court if you have been arrested for a police involved crime. At Sawyer Legal Group, we work hard to defend our clients. We seek to uncover the truth and present our clients in the best light possible, either by getting charges dropped or a sentence reduced.

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