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Don't lose hope if you have been charged with a sex offense. Men and woman charged with sex crimes in Denver, Adams, and Douglas County have a legal team of lawyers, investigators and treatment providers a phone call away. If you have been charged with a sex offense, you can work with an experienced criminal defense attorney who has defended people just like you hundreds of times before in Denver, Littleton, and Greenwood Village. You need to work with a criminal lawyer who has a thorough understanding of the laws related to sex offenses and can fight for your freedom and future. The sooner you contact an attorney, the better. There are many defenses available to sex crime charges – don't give up hope. Instead, contact a full-time criminal defense lawyer who will be at your side in court.

Don't lose hope if you have been charged with a sex crime. You have a team of experienced criminal defense attorneys and investigators to stand by your side.

Complex Sex Offense Laws in Colorado

Colorado's lawmakers have been modifying sex offender laws for years to appease victim's rights groups. The result is one of our nation's most complex evidence and sentencing schemes. Many Colorado lawyers practice criminal law part-time fail to understand the system, and that can be costly to your future. There are many different factors to consider if you have been charged with a sex crime in Jefferson, Arapahoe, or El Paso County. The consequences are different for sex offenses than with other crimes. On this page, our attorneys provide an overview of many of the common consequences of a sex offense conviction in Colorado. Come and meet with us for a free initial consultation to see how these and other laws will impact your case.

Sex Offender Registration

Certain sex offenses require that any person convicted must register as a sex offender in the jurisdiction where they live. Registration takes place at the police department of the city where you live (if you live within city limits), or at the county sheriff's department (if you live outside the city limits). Registered sex offenders live a restricted life – in many cases there are limitations to where a sex offender can live. Information about each registered sex offender is made available to the public. Depending on the crime they were convicted of, sex offenders are required to register either annually or quarterly. An example of information they are required to give during registration includes a person's name (including aliases), address, car registration (including the VIN), chat room names, instant messaging usernames, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Car Registration
  • Usernames
  • E-Mail Addresses
  • Phone Numbers

There is a fee required in order to register, and the amount varies by county. If a person fails to register precisely as required by law in Aurora, Lone Tree, or Parker, or provides inaccurate information, they will be charged with an additional crime of Failure to Register as a Sex Offender. In many sex crime cases, we are able to create favorable plea deals to a non-sex crime, so our clients can avoid to registering as sex offenders. In other instances, we can greatly reduce the length of time of registration.

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Discontinue Registration as a Sex Offender

In most cases throughout Colorado, in Thornton, Castle Rock, and Sheridan, sex offenders are able to petition the court to Deregister as a Sex Offender – C.R.S. 16-22-113, after a certain amount of time. The length of time a person is required to register as a sex offender depends on the type of conviction they received. It is important to work with an attorney when a registered sex offender reaches the end of time they are required to register. If they simply stop registering without petitioning the court, they will be charged with Failure to Register as a Sex Offender and could face further consequences. An experienced lawyer has a thorough grasp of the law related deregistering as a sex offender and will be able to guide you seamlessly through the process of filing a petition for removal from the sex offender registry so you can be free of the burden of registration.

Indeterminate Sentencing

Many sex offenses in Colorado are subject to indeterminate sentencing. An indeterminate sentence means that the person convicted of a sex offense will receive a sentence with a minimum amount of time spent in the Colorado Department of Corrections, but no maximum. The upper limit is left open – up to the remainder of the defendant's life. Both probation and any prison sentence are subject to indeterminate sentencing in Colorado. For example, a man could be given a prison sentence of 2 years to life. After he has been in prison for 2 years, he may be eligible for parole. But, the decision of whether or not a person can receive parole is up to the Colorado Parole Board and progress in sex offender treatment. For many of our clients, we have created favorable plea deals to a non-sex crime which doesn't carry an indeterminate sentence, or a determinate sentence crime.

Intensive Supervised Probation (SOISP)

When a person pleads guilty to or is convicted of a sex offense in Denver County or anywhere in Colorado and is sentenced to probation, they are watched more closely than those convicted of non-sex crimes. This is called Sex Offender Intensive Supervised Probation (SOISP). Under these guidelines, a person sentenced to SOISP will be required to meet with a probation officer frequently. The Probation Officer determines which types of treatment the offender will attend, and has control over all aspects of the defendant's life. Supervision includes not contact with children, mandatory drug and alcohol testing, call-ins, home visits, and curfews. If all aspects of probation are not fulfilled, probation can be revoked, resulting in prison time. The amount of time a person will be sentenced to SOISP is usually indeterminate. Although this sounds strict, in many cases we are able to work out favorable plea deals which get our clients SOISP instead of an indeterminate prison sentence, which is a more favorable option.

Sex Offender Treatment

All sex offense convictions throughout Colorado, in Highlands Ranch, Lakewood, and Cherry Creek, require the defendant to complete sex offender treatment. This treatment is overseen by the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB). The treatment is harsh and invasive, because the SOMB operates under the belief that all sex offenders are incurable, dangerous, “covert, deceptive, and secretive.” Treatment consists of therapy (in group and individual sessions), therapeutic sessions conducted with family members and supervisors, and polygraphs. Unfortunately, there aren't enough treatment providers in the Department of Corrections, so sex offenders wait to complete treatment in order to qualify for parole often wait years in prison. Because of this, we fight hard for our clients to avoid a D.O.C. sentence, and are able to get cases dismissed or work out favorable plea deals so they can avoid treatment delays and begin their journey towards freedom.

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Why You Need an Experienced Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with or accused of a sex offense in the Denver metro area, contact an experienced sex crimes defense lawyer immediately. The earlier we are involved in your case, the better. The laws related to sex offenses are complex and confusing, and our justice system is harsh when it comes to sex crimes, so don't stand alone in court. You need an advocate in the courtroom who can provide a rigorous defense to the charges against you and protect your future. 

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