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Juvenile Sexting and Texting in Colorado

The teen years are considered a time of curiosity and exploration. Teenagers are extremely impressionable. Because of their desire to fit in with the crowd, they can be persuaded to do things they might not normally have considered. Among the many activities to explore, sexting is deemed one of the most detrimental and harmful to your child's future. Smart phones are considered a daily part of life, and with the increased usage of mobile phones, sexting is becoming more and more common in Denver and Douglas County. In and of itself, sexting is not a crime. But, when children under the age of 18 take nude and sexual photos of themselves and share it with others, there are multiple charges possible. Learn about other juvenile crimes here.

Denver Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney Answers: What is Sexting?

Although not defined with a set definition, sexting in Denver and Arapahoe County involves sending sexual or suggestive photos (considered to be child pornography) to another person using a cell phone or other mobile device. Usually, sexual innuendos and suggestions accompany the photo.

Jefferson County Sexual Offenses Committed Using A Cell Phone

Internet Sexual Exploitation of a Child

C.R.S. 18-3-405.4

This offense is charged in Jefferson and El Paso County and across Colorado after a person encourages a teenager (who is 15 years old or younger) to display, handle their own or another person's genitalia, or watch another person's sexual parts while online or over the phone or other device.

Internet Luring of a Child

C.R.S. 18-3-306

This offense is charged after a person discusses explicit sexual conduct (sexual excitement, sadomasochism, erotic nudity, intercourse, fondling, masturbation) with a child under the age of 15 and extends an invitation to meet (the invitation doesn't have to be sexual in nature.)

Sexual Exploitation of a Child

C.R.S. 18-6-403

This offense is charged after a person encourages a child (under the age of 18) to take part in sexual pictures or photographs for the sole person of making, publishing, and or possessing material that exploits children. It is also charged when a person is found in possession of these images.

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Internet and Police Sting Operations for these Offenses

Sometimes, police officers in Highlands Ranch, Aurora, and across the Denver metro area will pretend that they are young females in hope of attracting people to charge with sex offenses. They will converse either online or on the phone via internet. Once they have gathered enough evidence to prove their suspicions, they will move in for an arrest. The police will seize all property (including cell phones, computers, iPads, etc) in their attempt to prove intent. Unfortunately, juvenile offenders are also caught in these police stings.

Protect Your Child from Being a Juvenile Sex Offender

If your child has been charged with allegedly committing a sexual offense in Arapahoe or Adams County, it is imperative that you seek help immediately. There can be harsh consequences for involvement in a sex crime or sexting. If he or she is found guilty, your teenager will be required to register as a sex offender and complete treatment through the Sex Offender Management Board. Because of the severity of the offense, a juvenile might not be allowed to be around other children. This includes friends and family members. Your family life is at stake.

Stay informed as a parent in

order to protect your child's future.

Be An Informed Parent

  • Talk to Your Kids
  • Answer Questions
  • Consider a Monitoring Program

Sometimes as parents it is overwhelming to consider everything that is bombarding our teenagers today. Sit down with your child and talk with them. Don't be afraid of their questions. Instead, be open. If you aren't there to talk with them, then they will turn to someone who will listen. Let them know the privileges that come with having a cell phone and let them know that you will be monitoring their activity. Consider using a program like DadGuard, TextGuard, or My Mobile Watchdog, which allow you to keep an eye on your kid's mobile and social activity. You want to protect them and not leave them open for unwanted advances as a victim of crime, or the possibility of being charged with a sex crime.

Aggressive Denver Juvenile Lawyers Fighting for Your Child's Future

As Denver juvenile criminal defense lawyers, we have defended many juveniles who faced charges after receiving a nude photo from someone at school – a photo they never asked for. You need to protect your child's future employment possibilities and quality of life by hiring a Denver and Adams County juvenile criminal defense lawyer who can fight aggressively in the courtroom. When it comes to sexting, your child might believe that he is just being a teenager and doing what everyone else is doing in Jefferson County. On the contrary, he or she is forever changing his or her future. Don't let naiveté ruin his or her childhood. Contact a Denver juvenile criminal defense lawyer who fights to win. 

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