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Colorado Prison and Jail Information

When a person is arrested, he or she is immediately taken to jail. The individual in question will only remain in jail in rare circumstances if a bond amount is not given by the court. Otherwise, with a bond or bail amount set by the court, a man or woman can get out after posting the bond.  When anyone is released from jail, the main condition of their new bond is to appear at their next court date. Following sentencing, a judge makes the decision whether to impose any jail or prison as part of their sentence. If not jail or prison, probation is the most common alternative. However, there are some cases where the defendant is sent to jail as a condition of probation.

Jails and Jail Information in Colorado

The following is a list of some of the jails where we regularly conduct a “jail visit” with new clients and provide them with an overview of their criminal case. Jails are run by the county sheriff where they are located.

  1. Adams County Jail – located in Brighton, CO 
  2. Arapahoe County Jail – located in Centennial, CO
  3. Boulder County Jail – located in Boulder, CO
  4. Broomfield County Jail – located in Broomfield, CO
  5. Denver County Jail – located in Denver, CO 
  6. Douglas County Jail – located in Castle Rock, CO
  7. Jefferson County Jail – located in Golden, CO
  8. Larimer County Jail – located in Fort Collins, CO
  9. Weld County Jail – located in Greeley, CO

We regularly conduct jail visits with new clients at these facilities.

The Prison System in Colorado

Because we are solely a criminal defense firm at Sawyer Legal Group, LLC, our attorneys also visit Colorado Prisons around the state where people have been sentenced for felony convictions.  People housed in these facilities are known as “inmates or “felons,” and are housed in locations all over Colorado based on their security level and treatment needs. The Colorado Department of Corrections, or “DOC” is in charge of the prison system. Sentences in prisons are generally as little as one year, all the way up to life. Jails usually have a two year maximum sentence. For some offenses such as sex crimes, inmates have an indeterminate sentence. There are also prisoners who are serving a lifetime sentence.  If you are trying to find a friend or a family member at the Colorado Prison, you can find them using an Inmate Locator.

– Colorado Parole Release from Prison and the Colorado Parole Board

Once someone in prison reaches their parole eligibility date, they will be reviewed for early release from prison by the Colorado Parole Board. This board is appointed by the governor. In our opinion, the Parole Board is highly political and very concerned with impressions of the public. Sex offenders rarely receive an early release. Crimes of violence often do not get out earlier either.  Nonviolent, non-sex cases generally obtain the quickest release.

– Alternative to Jail or Prison

Sometimes during our consultations with a client, we determine that the best option is Community Corrections, which is an alternative to prison. This option is less restrictive and allows the individual to receive the help he or she needs while working in the community.  Community Corrections sentences are generally approved in advance by the local Community Corrections board, who can accept or reject any applicant. 

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