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Outstanding Judgment Warrant Denver Attorney | Outstanding Judgment Warrant (OJW) in Colorado

If you receive notice that your driver's license has a hold, warrant or suspension on it in Denver, Jefferson County and across Colorado, you may have an Outstanding Judgment Warrant (OJW). If so, you must go to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) with a clearance letter from the court that issued the OJW and pay a reinstatement fee to remove the hold.  Operating a motor vehicle without a clear license will subject you to criminal penalties.

OJW in Arapahoe County and Across Colorado: How You Receive One

If you receive a traffic ticket in Arapahoe County, Adams County or even in another state and you don't complete court ordered requirements, a hold will be placed on your license known as an Outstanding Judgment Warrant (OJW). Even if you receive a minor traffic ticket in another state, like Missouri or Kansas, you can still receive a hold on your Colorado driver's license if you do not do what's ordered. That's because Colorado and other states enforce each other's traffic laws through what is called the Driver's License Compact.

Driver's License Compact in Douglas County – How it Works in Colorado and Out of State

In Denver, Douglas County and across Colorado, 46 states are members of the Driver's License Compact. States that do not belong to the Driver's License Compact include Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Tennessee. You cannot hold a license in good standing in one state if you haven't resolved a traffic issue with another of the Driver's License Compact states. It is too expensive to extradite those who failed to appear in court for a traffic ticket, so a hold is placed on their license. Additionally, in Colorado, your out-of-state traffic matter will be treated the same as if it happened in Colorado. Whether in state or out, you may get points taken off of your license or have your license suspended for violations such as a DUI or DWAI.

Driver's License Compact States: Which States Can Issue an OJW?

The states listed below are part of the Driver's License Compact. This means they can issue Outstanding Judgment Warrants in their state and any of the other member states:

  • Alabama OJW in Colorado
  • Delaware OJW in Colorado
  • Kentucky OJW in Colorado
  • Nebraska OJW in Colorado
  • Ohio OJW in Colorado
  • Utah OJW in Colorado
  • Alaska OJW in Colorado
  • Florida OJW in Colorado
  • Louisiana OJW in Colorado
  • Nevada OJW in Colorado
  • Oklahoma OJW in Colorado
  • Vermont OJW in Colorado
  • Arizona OJW in Colorado
  • Hawaii OJW in Colorado
  • Maryland OJW in Colorado
  • New Hampshire OJW in Colorado
  • Oregon OJW in Colorado
  • Virginia OJW in Colorado
  • Arkansas OJW in Colorado
  • Idaho OJW in Colorado
  • Massachusetts OJW in Colorado
  • New Jersey OJW in Colorado
  • Pennsylvania OJW in Colorado
  • Washington OJW in Colorado
  • California OJW in Colorado
  • Illinois OJW in Colorado
  • Minnesota OJW in Colorado
  • New Mexico OJW in Colorado
  • Rhode Island OJW in Colorado
  • West Virginia OJW in Colorado
  • Colorado OJW
  • Indiana OJW in Colorado
  • Mississippi OJW in Colorado
  • New York OJW in Colorado
  • South Carolina OJW in Colorado
  • Wyoming OJW in Colorado
  • Connecticut OJW in Colorado
  • Iowa OJW in Colorado
  • Missouri OJW in Colorado
  • North Carolina OJW in Colorado
  • South Dakota OJW in Colorado
  • District of Columbia OJW in Colorado
  • Kansas OJW in Colorado
  • Montana OJW in Colorado
  • North Dakota OJW in Colorado
  • Texas OJW in Colorado

Bench Warrant and OJW in Colorado: What is a Bench Warrant in Colorado?

In Colorado Springs, El Paso County, and across Colorado, if you don't pay required fines, fail to appear in court (FTA), or don't complete other sentence requirements, a Bench Warrant for your arrest will typically be issued. The Driver's License Compact states can put an OJW hold on your license if they find you have outstanding issues in their state, such as a Bench Warrant for your arrest. You then run the risk of committing another traffic or criminal offense in Colorado if your license has been revoked or suspended. A common offense you can face is Driving Under Restraint, C.R.S 42-2-138, if you're caught driving while your license is under restraint or suspension.

Reinstating Your Driver's License in Denver and Across Colorado

If you want to reinstate your driver's license in Denver, Aurora, and everywhere else in Colorado, you must obtain a clearance letter from the state that issued the Outstanding Judgment Warrant. In the clearance letter, there will be information about the Outstanding Judgment Warrant, information stating you completed all requirements of the other state's violation and information stating you must pay a reinstatement fee in Colorado. It can be risky trying to obtain the clearance letter from another state. You may risk an arrest on your Failure to Appear (FTA), having to complete community service, or having to pay court fines, among other sentence requirements. Once you receive your clearance letter, you can take it to the Colorado DMV to reinstate your license. To learn more about the reinstatement process, contact the best criminal defense lawyers at Sawyer Legal Group, LLC.

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