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Denver County Jail Information

There are two different locations an inmate can be held in Denver County. This makes it difficult to find a friend or family member. You can look up inmates using the Denver Sheriff's Department website, but it is best to call one of the following numbers for assistance:

Detention Center Information Desk: (720) 337-0400

Inmate Information Line: (720) 913-3600

Learn more about mail policies at the Denver County Jails.

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Learn about posting bond or bail at the Denver County Jails.

Bail/Bond Info

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First Location:

Denver County Jail 10500 East Smith Road Denver, CO 80239

Uses of this Facility:

  • Long term care and custody of prisoners serving jail sentences
  • Holding facility for people waiting to be transferred to either the Colorado Department of Corrections or Community Corrections

Second Location:

The Denver Detention Center (Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center) 490 W. Colfax Avenue Denver, CO 80204

Uses of this Facility:

  • Processing of inmates shortly after arrest
  • Intake
  • Holding for court appearances

Posting Bail / Bonds / Fees

Fee for Posting

A $30.00 processing fee is charged when someone is booked. If the defendant is proven innocent, the money will be returned if requested.

Cash Bond

This bond is returned to the person posting the money if the defendant attends all court appearances.

Surety Bonds

This option is available when the person posting the bond doesn't have the entire amount. However, there is a 10-15% fee charged by a bondsman for this privilege.

Personal Recognizance

This is an option available for some first time offenders. However, a court appearance and a night in jail might be necessary.

Funds for Inmates

A friend or family member can place money into an inmate's account so they can purchase personal items in the jail's commissary. Placing money into an account can be done using either a credit or debit card. This can be done online or by calling 1-866-230-7761. Please note that some of the money will be used to pay fees and fines.

Sending Mail to an Inmate

All mail sent to the detention facility is read, so be aware of what you write. Make sure that you and the inmate are not discussing the case as this could prove harmful. When addressing the envelope, be sure to write the CD# on the envelope to ensure delivery. Otherwise, it will be returned.

Mail at the Detention Facility

Address the mail as follows:

Inmate: (enter name here, no alias or nicknames) and CD # P.O. Box 1108 Denver, CO 80201

Mail at the Denver Jail

Address the mail as follows:

Inmate: (enter name here, no alias or nicknames) and CD # Denver County Jail 10500 E. Smith Road Denver, CO 80239

A jail visit from an attorney will give your loved one hope and a game plan for their defense.

Phone Calls

Inmates are allowed to make either collect phone calls, or to people using Global Tel Link, which is a pre-paid account. If friends or family members would like to deposit money into an account, please visit Costs vary depending on the location of the call, so make sure that you look at the site in order to determine expected costs.

No-Contact Visitors Are Welcome

Denver Detention Center

  • Request for a visit is made on-line or through the center
  • Walk in visits are allowed
  • Visit through video phone

Denver Jail

  • Visit through video phone
  • Schedule an appointment via online or through the jail

Work Release Program (Alternative Sentencing)

To be considered for the work release program, a person must be approved by the jail, be gainfully employed, have an acceptable criminal history, and have no outstanding warrants. In addition, the prisoner must pay a daily fee, depending on gross income. There are rules for the program, and it is advisable to follow them as failure to do so involves penalties.

  • Approved by the Jail
  • Gainfully Employed
  • Good History
  • No Warrants

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Denver County Jail and Detention Center Visits from a Lawyer

Here at Sawyer Legal Group, we provide 24 hour emergency lawyer jail visits to the Denver County Jail and Denver County Detention Center. The importance of a meeting with a lawyer cannot be stressed enough. Often, our clients are so eager to get out of jail to be with their family members that they will inadvertently make a statement to an investigator or a police officer. Do not make that mistake. Anything you say could be used to incriminate you. If you have a friend or loved one in the jail, do them a favor, and contact a lawyer who can visit them. They are most likely scared and overwhelmed. An attorney will be able to give them the advice they need on remaining silent, and create a game plan to help them have hope and deal with the situation. 

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