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Jefferson County Jail Information

The Jefferson County Jail is located in Golden, Colorado, at the following address:

200 Jefferson County Parkway Golden, Colorado

Phone: 303-271-5444

The hardworking criminal defense lawyers at our office offer same day, 24-hour jail visits to the Jefferson County Jail. If you have a loved one who has been arrested, be proactive and arrange for a skilled attorney to visit your friend in jail. They are most likely scared and don't know what they are facing. We will give them the answers, provide hope and insight into their case, and create a plan of action for their defense.

Learn more about mail policies at the Jefferson County Jail.

Mail Info

Learn more about how to visit a Jefferson County Jail inmate.

Visiting Info

Learn about posting bond or bail at the Jefferson County Jail.

Bail/Bond Info

Learn about how to put money into a fund for inmates.

General Info

Learn more about work release programs offered at the jail.

Work Info

Receiving Mail at the Jefferson County Jail

Items Prohibited in the Jail

  • Polaroid pictures
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Stickers
  • Stationary
  • Photos larger than 4×6

Things to Remember When Sending Mail

  • All mail is read and can be used to prosecute the inmate, so be careful what you say. This includes telling the inmate to not discuss the case.
  • Pictures are allowed; however an inmate cannot receive more than 3 at a time.

If you wish to send mail to an inmate at the Jefferson County Jail, use the following format:

Inmate's Full Name P.O. Box 16700 Golden, Colorado 80402-6700

Are you interest in an attorney visiting your loved one?

Get More Information! A jail visit from an attorney will give your loved one hope!

Inmate Funds

Inmates can purchase items they may need in the jail's commissary. There are four ways to put money in an account for an inmate so they can make purchases. Whatever option you choose, be sure to include the inmate's identification number or full name and date of birth so they will be able to access the money in their account:

  • Phone-Call:
    • Call 1-866-345-1885 to pay with your credit or debit card.
  • In Person:
    • Visit the jail and add cash at the lobby kiosk or give a money order to the staff member.
  • Online:
    • Visit Access Corrections to create an account and use a credit or debit card to add money to an inmate's books
  • Western Union:
    • Visit a Western Union location to add money directly. Be sure to visit the website for the Jefferson County Jail to get the correct sending information.

Jefferson County Jail Bond and Bail Information

In addition to the bail / bond costs, there is a $40 booking and a $10 filing fee. A friend or relative can call the detention facility at the above number to learn what type of bond is required for an individual.

Cash Bond

Full amount of the bond is required, but it will be returned after all court appearances are met in Colorado.

Surety Bond

There is an added fee for this type of bond, and it is not returned after all court appearances are met.

Property Bond

If you have enough equity in a property (home, etc.), you can use this equity as a bond.

PR Bond with Co-Signer

Co-signer must meet the requirements; both the inmate and signer are responsible for the money.

Personal Recognizance

This is a signature bond and is valid if inmate appears at all scheduled court dates.

Working with an experienced attorney will help you get the best outcome possible in your case.

Work Release Program / Alternative Sentencing for Jefferson County Jail

To be considered for the work release program (which allows inmates to continue to work to provide for their families while serving their time), an individual must complete an application and have it approved before sentencing. Proof of employment is required, and there is a daily fee for participation.

Inmate Visitation at the Jefferson County Detention Facility

Depending on the housing unit, each inmate is allowed anywhere from one to three 20 minute visits each week. These visits must be scheduled and approved in advance. A friend or relative can schedule a visit either at a terminal in the Detention Facility or online at The times for visitation are listed on the website.

There are two ways you can visit at inmate at the Jefferson County Jail. Conversations are recorded and can be used against the inmate.

In Person:

  • Identification is required by all adults over the age of 18 years (a check for active warrants will be done).
  • Children are allowed with an adult.
  • Three people may visit at a time.
  • No phones, cameras, or gifts allowed.
  • Visits take place using a video terminal in the lobby.


Arrested for a Crime? Why You Need a Lawyer Jail Visit

If you or a loved one is being held at the Jefferson County Jail / Detention Facility, the attorneys at Sawyer Legal Group offer 24 hour immediate attorney client visits. We are allowed to have contact visits (no glass separation) and can visit during normal business hours. We can support your loved-one during your time of need and sit down and discuss their case. Being arrested is a difficult process to undergo. Your loved one needs an advocate to make sure they are treated fairly by the criminal justice system.

Arranging a jail visit lets your loved one know you care for them.

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