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In Denver, Adams County and across Colorado, the judicial process and court procedures are important for men and women to obey. Whenever a person in Adams or Douglas County is not obeying the court's orders, he / she will be charged with Contempt of Court. It's always best to have an experienced Denver Contempt lawyer stand by your side if charged or accused with Contempt. Your freedom and finances are at stake.

Colorado Contempt Attorney: What is Contempt of Court?

The following conduct / behavior is not accepted in  Colorado courts. Colorado Contempt, as defined under Rule 107 of Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure includes:

1.Disorderly or disruptive behavior;

2.A breach of the peace;

3.Boisterous conduct or violent disturbance toward the court;

4.Conduct that unreasonably interrupts the due course of judicial proceedings;

5.Behavior that obstructs the administration of justice;

6.Disobedience or resistance by any person to or interference with any lawful writ, process, or order of the court;

7.Any other act or omission designated as contempt by the statutes or rules of the court.

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Direct Contempt of Court in Arapahoe County – A Lawyer's Definition of Direct Contempt

In Aurora and Arapahoe County, Colorado, direct contempt is defined as contempt (someone's behavior) that the court has seen or heard first hand, and the contempt is so extreme that no warning is necessary to desist. If someone repeatedly engages in behavior (that disobeys court orders) after they have been ordered to stop, they could be punished without a Citation to Show Cause.

Examples of Direct Contempt of Court in Englewood, Colorado

Levi lives in Englewood, Colorado. Levi has a court hearing in the middle of the day. Before the court hearing, Levi goes out to eat with his friends and has too much to drink. By the time he shows up for his court hearing, he is under the influence of alcohol. This would be considered Direct Contempt in Colorado. Other examples of Direct Contempt include talking back to the judge during a court hearing, being loud in the courtroom or swearing in the courtroom during a court hearing.

Indirect Contempt of Court in Jefferson County: Definition of Indirect Contempt

Indirect Contempt in Boulder and Jefferson County is defined as contempt which occurs outside of the court's sight or hearing.

Examples of Indirect Contempt in Golden, Colorado

Jenna lives in Golden, Colorado and was issued a subpoena to appear as a witness in court. When the court date came for her to appear in court, she decided not to go because she didn't want to. This would be considered Indirect Contempt in Colorado. Some other examples of Indirect Contempt include failing to pay child support, failing to answer Interrogatories, or failing to obey a child visitation schedule.

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Attorney for Contempt in Adams County: How Contempt of Court is Treated in Adams County

In Brighton and Adams County, Colorado, if you've been accused of Contempt (direct or indirect) the prosecuting District Attorney will not treat Contempt as a crime. Rather, it will be treated as a civil matter. An attorney will then ask for sanctions to make their client whole.

Those sanctions include:

Punitive Sanctions

“Punishment by unconditional fine, fixed sentence of imprisonment, or both, for conduct that is found to be offensive to the authority and dignity of the court” (C.R.C.P 107(a)(4)).

Remedial Sanctions

“Forcing compliance with a lawful order or compelling performance of an act within the person's power or present ability to perform” (C.R.C.P 107(a)(5)).

What is a Citation to Show Cause?

In El Paso County and Colorado Springs, Colorado, if a defense or plaintiff's attorney accuses someone of Indirect Contempt, a Citation to Show Cause will typically be given. A Citation to Show Cause is a court order that allows the person to show up to court at a specific date and time to defend themselves against a Contempt charge. Alternatively, an arrest warrant may be issued and the accused may be held in jail until they can come to court to defend themselves against charges of Contempt.

Why Hire a Contempt of Court Denver Lawyer?

A contempt charge in Colorado, though a civil matter, can bring the same frustration that a criminal charge can bring.

A Denver contempt charge, though a civil matter, can bring about the same frustrations that a criminal charge can bring in Denver or anywhere else in Colorado. If you've been charged with Direct or Indirect Contempt in Denver, Highlands Ranch or anywhere else in Colorado, a skilled criminal defense attorney at Sawyer Legal Group is your best asset to utilize. Our Contempt attorneys can represent and defend you in a Contempt of Court hearing in Colorado. Call us today to set up a free initial consultation and protect your future.

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