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Manslaughter – C.R.S. 18-3-104

Manslaughter in Colorado

When a person is charged with Manslaughter in Denver County, he or she is often overwhelmed. The individual is often in shock and still trying to sort out events in his or her mind from the incident when the attorneys at Sawyer Legal Group are called. Whether or not you committed the alleged crime, any involvement in the death of another person is a difficult process.

Any involvement in the death of another person is difficult to process – this is why you need a lawyer to fight on your behalf.

Definition and Consequences of Manslaughter

Manslaughter is closely related to the crime of Vehicular Assault (with the enhancer of Reckless Driving) with the exception that a vehicle is not involved. Therefore, Manslaughter is defined as:

Someone “recklessly causing the death of another person” or “intentionally causing or helping another person to commit suicide.”

The District Attorney will charge the individual with a class 4 felony no matter the circumstances. This accusation involves a possible prison term with a sentence of two to six years. When the death of another individual is involved, prosecutors in Adams County work hard to make sure that everyone involved is punished for the crime. Crimes against the person are taken seriously in Colorado.

Examples of Manslaughter in Arapahoe County

Whenever an accidental death (hunting, climbing, or boating) occurs, police in Arapahoe County are too eager to charge an individual with the crime of Manslaughter. Families of the victim need someone to atone for the death of their loved one. They are hurting and not thinking clearly at the time. Therefore, they might pressure the District Attorney for a stiffer penalty without looking objectively at the evidence. We ensure that the District Attorney and judge know the whole story.

When accidents happen, the police are far too quick to file Manslaughter charges.

Serious Crimes Need an Experienced Denver Manslaughter Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing a Manslaughter charge in Jefferson or Douglas County can be daunting. Unfortunately, people in today's society have a tendency to be unforgiving. This includes close friends and family members. Instead of seeing the whole story, all they want is someone to be punished. What you need is an experienced criminal defense attorney at your side who will fight for your rights and for your freedom. The criminal defense lawyers at Sawyer Legal Group are aggressive in our defense, and we work hard to uncover the whole story. Rarely do the police seek evidence to help you. We understand that sometimes things get out of hand, and accidents happen. We will come alongside you and help you to process the events surrounding your arrest. We have many resources (investigators, counselors, expert witnesses) at our disposal and will make use of them all if necessary. We believe in your right to a fair trial, and we do our absolute best to make sure that you get one.

The police rarely seek evidence to prove your innocence. Society is quick to judge. You need an advocate to tell your side of the story in court.

Colorado Manslaughter Statute – C.R.S. 18-3-104

“A person commits the crime of manslaughter if:

(a) Such person recklessly causes the death of another person; or

(b) Such person intentionally causes or aids another person to commit suicide.”

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