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Fraud and Forgery – C.R.S. 18-5-102

Charges involving fraud or forgery are on the rise in Douglas County. According to one official, this crime will eventually happen to you or a relative in some form in your lifetime. Examples can be anywhere from internet scams, tax fraud, identity theft, and even ballot petition forging fraud, as seen in the 2008 primary election . Here are a few examples of fraud and forgery in Colorado. If you have been charged, contact an experienced attorney immediately who can fight for your future and freedom.

Examples of Fraud and Forgery in Denver

In Denver County, a person can be convicted of a fraud or forgery charge if any of the following occurs:

False Signatures

The process of copying documents or signing another person's name on documents – from checks to loan applications

Fake Identity

Assuming a fake identity to endanger or defraud someone

Forging Checks

Writing or signing checks that are not yours, or writing a check when you know you have no available funds.

Credit Card Theft

Using another person's credit card without permission

Identity Theft

Stealing other people's information such as social security numbers and passwords to obtain money or credit

Employer Theft

Stealing from your place of business

Insurance Theft

Performing a bait and switch or doing damage to property in order to obtain more business or insurance proceeds

Prescription Theft

Taking prescriptions from patients or using other illegal methods to get the medicine or prescription drugs which you need

Casino Fraud

Casino Fraudulent Acts is charged whenever a person commits fraud during gambling.

What to Do if You Have Been Charged with Fraud and Forgery

If you have been accused of fraud or forgery in Adams County, exercise your right to be silent, and call us. It is in your best interest not to speak with anyone, not even a family member or a police officer, about possible charges for fraud and forgery. Anything you say can and will be used against you if overheard by or repeated to the District Attorney for their prosecution of you. Sometimes, a harmless word spoken out of frustration can lead to something much bigger. In cases where the possibility of an arrest warrant exists, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney at your side in court to help you through the difficult process. These types of crimes often grow if not dealt with immediately.  In some cases, we can negotiate a civil settlement and avoid criminal charges altogether.

If you have been accused of Forgery or Fraud, do not speak with anyone about the incident. Exercise your right to remain silent and call an attorney.

Help from a Criminal Defense Attorney

At Sawyer Legal Group, LLC we have decades of combined experience in Colorado courts like Denver County, Jefferson County and Douglas County. We have vast experience navigating the treacherous waters of fraud and forgery charges. If you believe that you have committed a fraudulent act and want to protect your future, we can help you determine the appropriate course of action to protect your rights. If you are hoping for a Christian attorney who shares in your beliefs, we can provide that as well.

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