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Denver Immigration Lawyer: Immigration Consequences After a Criminal Conviction

In Denver, Adams County and across Colorado, there are certain offenses which (upon a conviction) could lead to deportation for those who are not United States citizens. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) is responsible for deporting those who have been convicted of certain crimes. If you are not a United States citizen, the possibility of being deported upon a conviction of these offenses is high in Colorado and across the United States. Even if you are in the United States with a work visa or a green card, there are still many risks involved. Hire both an immigration lawyer and a criminal defense attorney immediately if facing any charges or accusations as a non-citizen immigrant.

Defense Attorney in Arapahoe County for Aggravated Felony: Conviction of an Aggravated Felony in Colorado? You Have an Immigration Crisis

Under immigration law, specified crimes are considered an aggravated felony or a crime of moral turpitude. Crimes in Arapahoe County and across Colorado considered aggravated felonies by the federal government include Murder, felony Theft, Rape and Sexual Assault, Human Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation of a Child, prostitution-related crimes, and many more serious offenses. Speaking with an experienced immigration and criminal defense lawyer in Arapahoe County or anywhere else in Colorado is essential if you are facing these or other serious crimes which might be considered an aggravated felony. Only an experienced criminal lawyer will be able to give you all the details surrounding which crimes are considered an aggravated felony.

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Moral Turpitude Crime Lawyer in Douglas County: Crimes of Moral Turpitude and Risk of Deportation Upon Conviction

Crimes in Castle Rock, Douglas County and across Colorado are sometimes considered crimes of moral turpitude.  These are crimes such as a DUI or DWAI, Domestic Violence, sexual offenses, or firearms crimes. Under certain circumstances, if you have been a United States citizen for five years, you may not automatically face removal, deportation, or a Notice to Appear. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney and immigration lawyer to go over the details of your criminal case to avoid harsh consequences like removal or being deported. It is always best to speak with an immigration attorney before speaking with police or choosing any type of plea bargain deal in court.  Never speak to ICE officers alone.

Exceptions to Removal and Deportation for Noncitizens in Colorado

In some cases in Jefferson County and across Colorado, you may not be deported under unique circumstances. For example, if you were supposed to be made aware of possible consequences of a criminal conviction before entering a plea and you weren't, your immigration standing could change. Or, under other certain circumstances, if you have been a United States citizen for five years, you may fall within an exception to removal law and not be deported. In other cases, perhaps after a 5 or 10-year waiting period, there will be a higher chance you can reenter the United States and resume your normal life here.  Getting a Deferred Action is another possibility for stopping your removal proceedings.  You might qualify for a provisional waiver or a waiver of inadmissibility as part of the process of improving your standing with the United States.

Adams County Lawyer Explains the Effects of Hiring an Attorney

  • Case Dismissal
  • Plea Bargain Deal
  • Deferred Action
  • Asylum
  • Citizenship
  • Expedited Naturalization
  • Family Based Immigration
  • Employment Based Immigration

Facing accusations or charges of a criminal offense in Brighton or Adams County as a noncitizen of the United States can be overwhelming. You may think that's it. But, the truth is that there is still hope and an opportunity to fight against any charges against you. With the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney or immigration lawyer, your case could be dismissed, you could accept a plea bargain to a crime which wouldn't result in your deportation or removal, or you may be able to reenter the United States after a certain time frame. You could qualify for a deferred action, asylum, citizenship, expedited naturalization, family based immigration or employment based immigration. Always inform your immigration lawyer and your criminal defense attorney of your immigration status. Together, we will fight for the best possible outcome in your criminal case.

Lawyer for Immigrants Accused of a Crime in Denver, Colorado: Why You Need an Immigration Lawyer

If you face charges of a criminal offense in Denver, Gilpin County or anywhere else in Colorado as a U.S. noncitizen, consult a Denver defense attorney immediately. Our criminal defense lawyers understand that you have many reasons to stay in the United States. You may have a job you love, you may have started a family here, or you may simply love where you live. Involving an experienced criminal defense attorney in your case early on is your best chance of protecting you and your family's future. Call our lawyers today to set up a free initial consultation. 

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