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Brad L. Recommends Jason Gardner

I want to pass along my praise and respect for attorney Jason Gardner. 

The original attorney I hired was NOT familiar with the Douglas County Courts and I found myself questioning if I had hired the right person. After a quick consult with Jason, I retained him, and let my original attorney go.

Jason was an immediate breathe of fresh air. He knew the DA's office, as he formerly worked there. He knew all the judges, the advocates, the policies, and procedures. It was very comforting to have someone that is confident and knows the inner workings of what is going on. Like most people, I was stressed out and concerned for my future. He gave me a very honest assessment of where I stood and was able to give me possible outcomes going forward. We were able to calmly select a strategy that I was comfortable with and moved forward with success.

My case was completely dismissed because Jason knew the law, knew the DA's office, and knew the judges. He has my highest recommendation.

– Brad L.

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