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Gail Recommends Sawyer Legal Group, LLC

My husband and I hired Sawyer Legal Group last year as our son's defense attorney. They went beyond their duties as our son's attorney. They were  informative, always available and most importantly, they really cared. I was very distraught and did not want my son to go to prison for 10 years, which was the potential sentence. They took the time to weed through the complicated nature of our son's case by requesting documents and thoroughly reviewing them and interviewing crucial people close to the case. Despite the low odds, they were ready and willing to take the case to trial, if it was deemed necessary. Because of their integrity, dedication and firm advocacy, the case was settled favorably. We were elated and so was our son. They are very competent, knowledgeable and effective attorneys. They were upfront with us, informed us of all stages of the proceedings, and advised us of potential risks and benefits. Although my husband and I were not the official clients, our attorney was accessible to my son and us, at all times. I was also very impressed with the compassionate way that we were treated, and we will forever be grateful for their kindness and willingness to help us. We highly recommend Sawyer Legal Group to anyone that seeks an attorney with integrity, experience, knowledge, and one who has their clients' best interest at heart; an attorney of this quality is a rare find.

– Gail

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