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5 Ways to Avoid Animal Cruelty Charges in Denver and Douglas County

5 Ways to Avoid Animal Cruelty Charges in Denver and Douglas County

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Animal Cruelty, C.R.S. 18-9-202, is generally charged in Denver and Douglas County, Colorado, when a person mistreats or causes harm to their animal or pet in some way. Below is a list of ways you can protect yourself from Cruelty to Animals charges in Colorado. Always consult an affordable criminal defense attorney from the O'Malley Law Office if you are being accused or charged with Cruelty to Animals anywhere in Colorado.

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1.Don't leave your pet in your vehicle in Jefferson County, even if you're leaving your vehicle unattended for a short time

In many Animal Cruelty cases in Denver and Jefferson County, men and women face charges after their animal is found unattended in a vehicle on a hot day. The best things to do to avoid getting charged with Animal Cruelty is to let your animal out of your car when you get out, or leave your animal at home if you know you'll be making a few stops while driving somewhere.

2.Make sure your dog or cat has food, water, and shelter in Adams County

Animal Cruelty charges in Adams County are also filed when a person forgets to provide their pet with proper food, drink or shelter. Sometimes, a person gets busy and forgets they left their dog outside on a hot day with no water. The dog starts barking, the neighbors call Animal Control officers, and the dog owner is arrested.

3.Don't take your anger out on a pet in Arapahoe County

Arapahoe County Cruelty to Animals charges can also be filed when a person overreacts and takes their anger out on their pet. Hitting, tormenting, or beating an animal can lead to Animal Cruelty charges in Colorado.

4.Don't abandon your animal in Denver

If you are getting frustrated with the care of your pet / animal in Denver, Colorado and no longer want to care for it, the best thing to do would be to try to find a family member or friend to take care of it for you. Or, try to find a nearby animal shelter you can take it to. Abandoning your animal somewhere will lead to Cruelty to Animals charges.

5.Make sure to give your pet proper breaks when playing with it in Douglas County

Sometimes, a dog owner in Douglas County, Colorado can overwork their animal when playing with it. They may not realize their dog is tired or dehydrated, and continue playing with it. In other cases, someone who owns or works on a farm can overwork an animal when using them to round up other farm animals, such as a cattle dog. Overworking an animal can also lead to Animal Cruelty charges. It is best to recognize when your animal needs a break from playing or working and let them rest.

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