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When Aggressive Mopping is a Crime: Ridiculous Harassment Charges

Posted by Unknown | Oct 22, 2014 | 0 Comments

Crimes like Harassment – C.R.S. 18-9-111, are overcharged in Arapahoe, Denver, and Jefferson County. In many cases, the accusations are ridiculous. You may not believe me, but you'll change your mind once you've been charged with a crime for “aggressive mopping.” Aggressive mopping? Yes. I'm not joking or making this up for the sake of an interesting blog. An out-of-state man was charged with Harassment for being too aggressive in his cleaning method.

Aggressive Mopping Leads to Criminal Charges

According to the news, a hotel guest grew frustrated with the lady who cleaned his room. This doesn't seem unreasonable; how many disgusting hotel rooms have you stayed in? He must have grown angry at how she was mopping, so he took matters into his own hands in a cleaning crusade. He took the mop from the cleaning lady's hands and, according to the police report, began “mopping aggressively.” Apparently, the man ignored the staff member's requests to stop, and “became combative” by “menacingly” mopping over her shoes. The man also apparently made the staff member cry after backing her into a corner. The police were called, and the hotel guest was arrested. If this had occurred in Denver, Colorado, the man would most likely be charged with Harassment or Menacing.

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Victimization Culture Creates Ridiculous Crimes

While the man's actions are questionable, it is good to ask whether or not he should be charged with a crime. He shouldn't have lost his temper with the cleaning woman, but she could have left the room when he began his rant. Now, because he was charged with a crime, another case will be added to a judge's docket. The court system will be further burdened. Obviously, the justice system is for dealing with crimes – but courts in Adams, El Paso, and Douglas County are overwhelmed. When a court is too busy, people fall through the cracks. Important cases aren't handled as efficiently. Why is this happening? Our culture is a victimized one. People thrive on getting attention and love drama. When it's popular to be a victim, everyone calls the police instead of dealing with their own problems. For example, you most likely have heard about the Ray Rice Domestic Violence incident in the news. Since the video of his abuse against his wife was released, there was an 84% increase in Domestic Violence calls to the police. While many of these calls could be legitimate, I'll bet a large amount were people buying into the popularity of being a victim.

Charged with a Crime after Losing Your Temper? You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you lost your temper and have received a complaint for a crime like Harassment, don't hesitate to contact an understanding criminal defense lawyer. Our culture is obsessed with victimization. District Attorneys Our culture is obsessed with victimization.are ruthless towards the defendants in criminal cases. The “victim” is the main focus, to the point of ignoring evidence which proves the defendant's innocence. Because of this, you need the help of a superb criminal defense attorney in your case. Don't stand alone in the courtroom. Contact one of the best criminal defense attorneys in the Denver area to fight on your behalf.

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