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Animal Cruelty Lawyer in Denver: Woman Charged after Taping Dog’s Mouths Shut

Posted by Unknown | Mar 22, 2016 | 0 Comments

According to the news, police were called to a woman's home where two dogs were allegedly chained in her backyard with their muzzles taped shut with duct tape. When interviewed by police, the woman admitted to taping the dog's mouths shut. She said she wanted to keep them from barking so she could take a nap. In Denver, Arapahoe County and across Colorado, she could be charged with Cruelty to Animals. If you've been charged with Cruelty to Animals in Colorado, consult an Animal Cruelty lawyer immediately.

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Cruelty to Animals Lawyer in Clear Creek County, Colorado

Cruelty to Animals, C.R.S. 18-9-202, is charged in Georgetown, Clear Creek County and across Colorado under many different circumstances. Some ways it can be charged are if someone overworks an animal, beats an animal, engages in a sexual act with an animal, or doesn't provide an animal food, drink, or protection from weather conditions. As it pertains to the news story, the woman was likely charged with animal cruelty for mistreating or neglecting her dogs, since they were chained and kept outside with their mouths taped shut. Cruelty to Animals is a class 1 misdemeanor; however, it becomes a class 6 felony upon a second or subsequent conviction in Colorado.

You need an animal cruelty lawyer to defend you if you've been arrested or charged.

Douglas County Animal Cruelty Not Always Intentional: Hire an Animal Cruelty Lawyer to Defend You

Men and women are often charged with animal cruelty after an ignorant mistake – that doesn't make them criminals.

In Castle Rock, Douglas County and across Colorado, animal cruelty is not always intentional. For instance, take the situation of a dog owner who took her dog up for a hike one day. She later stopped on the way home to get lunch with her friends. It was a hot day, so she left the windows down in her car. However, the dog continued to bark because it was a puppy. Passersby became concerned about the dog because it was a hot day and the dog was stuck in the car. Police were eventually called and the woman was arrested for Cruelty to Animals. There are other situations where men and women are charged with animal cruelty after an ignorant mistake, even though they didn't intend to harm an animal. If you've been charged or accused of Cruelty to Animals in Douglas County, Jefferson County or in any other county of Colorado, call our animal cruelty lawyers immediately. You don't want to risk any restrictions on your freedom. Call our office to set up a free initial consultation with us today.

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