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Douglas County Arson Attorney | Firefighter Sets Fires to Clear Firehouse to Steal

Douglas County Arson Attorney | Firefighter Sets Fires to Clear Firehouse to Steal

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Intentionally starting a fire and damaging someone else's property without permission is charged as Second Degree Arson in Denver, Castle Rock, Aurora, and Brighton. A firefighter is facing Arson charges along with Theft charges for purposely setting fires to take advantage of the empty firehouse. According to the news, the firefighter was currently rotating among multiple fire stations. He would allegedly set a trash or dumpster fire during his off hours and call it in. When the rest of the firehouse was dispatched to the fire, he would enter the firehouse to steal. He is accused of taking cash from the firefighters' wallets and from the collection money used for grocery shopping. If this had occurred in Denver or Douglas County, the firefighter would likely be charged with Second Degree Arson, Theft and Burglary.

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Denver Second Degree Arson Lawyer: Definition of 2nd Degree Arson Setting Intentional Fires in Arapahoe County

The Denver and Arapahoe County, Colorado law definition of Second Degree Arson – C.R.S. 18-4-103 – is:

“A person who knowingly sets fire to, burns, causes to be burned, or by the use of any explosive damages or destroys, or causes to be damaged or destroyed, any property of another without his consent, other than a building or occupied structure, commits second degree arson.”

2nd Degree Arson is a class 2 misdemeanor or a class 4 felony depending on the amount of damage the fire caused. For damage totaling less than $100, it is a class 2 misdemeanor. For damages greater than $100, it is a class 4 felony. It is not very often that a fire causes less than $100 worth of damage. Even though the firefighter only burned trash in trash cans and dumpsters, it's likely the damage to the receptacles totals more than $100. If they charged each instance individually, he may end up with some misdemeanor Second Degree Arson charges.

Adams County Theft Attorney: Definition of Theft in Jefferson County

In Adams and Jefferson County, Theft is taking something that doesn't belong to you with the intention of never giving it back. Theft is charged as a petty offense, misdemeanor, or felony depending on the value of the items taken.  The amount that was taken each time he stole, determines the charge level. If it was less than $2,000 he would be getting misdemeanors charges. $2,000 or more puts him in the felony Theft range.

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