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Assaulting a Police Officer in Denver: It Isn’t Always What You Think

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Jul 28, 2014 | 0 Comments

As criminal defense attorneys, we know you have to take reports of people assaulting police officers with a grain of salt. Police officers in the Denver metro area are quick to charge people with Assault on a Peace Officer because they can be power-hungry, and are often covering up their own mistakes. A perfect illustration of this is a recent case which made national news last week. A professor in Arizona was pushed into the media spotlight after allegedly assaulting a police officer. Let's look closer at this case in order to better understand the crime of Assault on a Peace Officer in Adams, Jefferson, and Douglas County.

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Jaywalking Leads to Assaulting a Police Officer

Jaywalking isn't a serious crime. It usually isn't important enough to merit national news. But, a recent case pushed a jaywalker into the national media spotlight. According to the news, a woman was walking home from her job at a nearby university. She was walking across the street (illegally), when a campus police officer stopped her and asked if she “knew the difference between a road and a sidewalk.”  The woman responded by asking if the The woman asked for respect, but the police officer grew angry and threw her to the ground. She was charged for resisting his violence.officer always “accosted women in the middle of the road?” and always spoke with “such disrespect?” The officer told the woman he was speaking with her because she was jaywalking. The professor responded by telling him she was jaywalking due to the construction at the crosswalk. This didn't faze the officer, who told her he would arrest her if she didn't produce identification. The situation quickly escalated, and in the end, the woman was thrown to the pavement and handcuffed. Obviously, she resisted this attack, and was charged for assaulting the police officer. Thankfully, a video of the incident was captured by the officer's dashboard camera. When questioned about the incident later, the professor stated she did what she was “supposed to do. I was respectful. I asked for clarification. I asked to be treated with respect, and that was it.” The professor has been charged with Assault on a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest, as well as other crimes.

Police Officers are Often Power-Hungry and Aggressive

Police officers can be rude and accusatory

Police officers in Arapahoe, Boulder, and Park County are often power hungry. I have had interactions where police have been rude and accusatory. Law enforcement officials are faced with crime each and every day, so they often approach people assuming they are guilty. This isn't the way to approach a taxpaying citizen. Police officers can be aggressive and intimidating, and are quick to charge people with crimes such as Resisting Arrest for Don't stand alone in court when the “victim” is a police officer.simply questioning their tactics. You can be charged for simply wiggling too much when they handcuff you, or simply defending yourself when they use excessive force. An experienced criminal defense attorney can fight to prove you were defending yourself if you have been charged with Second Degree Assault on an Officer. Don't stand alone in court when the “victim” is a police officer. You need an advocate who can defend your future in the courtroom.

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