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Forgery Lawyer in Denver: Police Find Fake Driver’s License in Man’s Wallet

Posted by Unknown | Mar 11, 2016 | 0 Comments

Acccording to the news, a man was issued a summons after a forged driver's license was found by police during a motor vehicle stop. When the man was stopped by police, he handed an officer a valid driver's license. However, the police officer noticed the man had a driver's license for a different state as well. It was later discovered that the license for the other state was not legitimate. In Denver, Douglas County and every other county of Colorado, this man would be charged with Forgery.

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Forgery Lawyer in Adams County: What is Forgery?

Forgery charges, C.R.S. 18-5-102, can be complicated in Adams and Jefferson County, Colorado. There are many aspects which must be considered to be charged with this offense.

“According to C.R.S. 18-5-102(1)(h), one way Forgery is charged in Colorado is whenever a person (with intent to defraud) falsely makes, completes, alters, or utters a written instrument that is or purports to be, or which is calculated to become or represent if completed:

(h) A document-making implement that may be used or is used in the production of a false identification document or in the production of another document-making implement to produce false identification documents.”

If the man with the fake driver's license was the one who made it, he would likely be charged with Forgery for producing false identification. Forgery is a class 5 felony in Adams County and across Colorado, which can result in up to 3 years in the Colorado Department of Corrections. Additionally, your firearm rights could be restricted upon a conviction of Forgery in Colorado. Consequences of Forgery in Colorado can be life-altering, and you should always consult an experienced Forgery lawyer if charged or arrested for this offense.

Arapahoe County Forgery Attorney: Prosecutors Work with Little Evidence in Forgery Cases

When Arapahoe County prosecutors are proving their case in court, they must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you had the intent to defraud and knowingly created a forged document. Yet, in many Forgery cases, prosecutors charge Forgery even if they don't know they can prove Prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you had intent to defraud.If a person knowingly committed Forgery, it becomes a criminal case. However, there are many people who committed Forgery unknowingly. Our criminal defense lawyers work hard to fight against the prosecutor's side and present our best defense before a judge and jury in every Forgery case. If you've been charged or accused of Forgery anywhere in Colorado, call a Forgery lawyer at the O'Malley Law Office immediately.

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