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Auto Theft and Burglary | Colorado Teens Continue to Cause Mayhem in El Paso County

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Sep 05, 2018 | 0 Comments

Last week a group of teens drove an SUV into a marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs, causing, according to KKTV, tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Police believe the teens to be connected with the same juvenile crime ring that has committed multiple burglaries and thefts in the last few months in El Paso County. From stealing shoes, liquor, and cars right out of their owner's garage, trying to break into a safe and even shooting at one another, these teens are facing a wide range of charges when they are caught.

Definition of Theft in Denver, Colorado

In Denver, Colorado the definition of Theft, C.R.S. 18-4-401 , is as follows:

“(1) A person commits theft when he or she knowingly obtains, retains, or exercises control over anything of value of another without authorization or by threat or deception; or receives, loans money by pawn or pledge on, or disposes of anything of value or belonging to another that he or she knows or believes to have been stolen, and: (a) Intends to deprive the other person permanently of the use or benefit of the thing of value; (b) Knowingly uses, conceals, or abandons the thing of value in such manner as to deprive the other person permanently of its use or benefit; (c) Uses, conceals, or abandons the thing of value intending that such use, concealment, or abandonment will deprive the other person permanently of its use or benefit; (d) Demands any consideration to which he or she is not legally entitled as a condition of restoring the thing of value to the other person; or (e) Knowingly retains the thing of value more than seventy-two hours after the agreed-upon time of return in any lease or hire agreement.”

What is the Difference Between Theft, Robbery & Burglary in Jefferson County?

Theft can be confused with Robbery or Burglary in Jefferson County, but they are separate crimes under Colorado law. Whereas Theft involves taking something that does not belong to you, if you use force, treats, or intimidation to take something from another person, you will be charged with Robbery. If you enter somewhere with the intention to commit a crime, and any crime occurs, you can be charged with Burglary.

Adams County Penalty for Theft, Robbery, & Burglary

The sentence for Theft depends on the value of the item stolen. If the teens stole a $15,000 vehicle, they could be charged with a class 5 felony. Robbery is a class 4 felony in Adams County. The penalty for Burglary depends on what took place during the burglary. For example, if the teens had succeeded in breaking into the safe, they may have been charged with third degree burglary, a class 5 felony.

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