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Denver Juvenile Theft Attorney | Douglas County Auto Theft as Three Juveniles Steal Police Cars for Joyride

Posted by Unknown | Jun 29, 2017 | 0 Comments

Three juveniles, ages 15, 16, and 17, who were involved in a volunteer program to work in police stations, ended up stealing three of the police cars and taking them on joy rides through the city. They used the name of a sergeant who was on vacation to access stun guns, radios, and the keys to three police cruisers. Oddly enough, the teenage volunteers were part of a program because they were interested in becoming law enforcement officers. Though, I'm not sure after this stunt that will be a possibility. Luckily, juvenile cases are treated less harshly than adult cases in Denver and Douglas County, Colorado, but that doesn't mean that juvenile crime won't have an effect on a child's future.

Arapahoe County and Aurora Juveniles Crimes Lawyer: Will My Child Go to Jail?

Jail for juveniles is called detention and yes, a child between the ages of 10 and 17 can be sentenced to a detention facility. The Colorado Children's Code lays out the procedures and consequences involved in a juvenile case, and often when a teenager is charged with a sexual or violent crime, they will be arrested and make their first court appearance in custody at the Arapahoe District Court. When our juvenile clients are in custody in Aurora or Englewood, we argue for their release to their parents' custody and supervision. For a felony juvenile case where a child is sentenced to confinement, they will be sent to the Colorado Department of Youth Corrections (DYC) for the remainder of their sentence. At the O'Malley Law Office, we work tirelessly to keep juveniles charged with criminal offenses out of a detention facility.

Record Expungement / Sealing for Juvenile Cases in Jefferson County, Colorado

Frequently, juvenile criminal records can be expunged (the term used for sealing a juvenile case). With our juvenile clients, we work to come to a resolution that will allow your child's record to be expunged. Even if your child will need to complete some court requirements or have a criminal record for a period of time, a year from the completion of the sentence, you can usually file for record expungement. A record expungement will keep schools, employers, and landlords from seeing your child's past criminal charges and sentence.

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