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Bond and Bail Denver Attorney – Lawyers to Help the Accused Get Out of Jail

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If your loved one has been arrested in Denver for a crime like Theft, Menacing, Harassment or DUI / DWAI, you can bond them out of jail if you have the cash money to do so. In other cases, you will need to involve a criminal defense attorney.  Either way, the bond / bail process can be complex, so you should always consult a criminal defense attorney if you wish to bond someone  out of jail in Denver, Colorado.

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Arapahoe County Bond and Bail Attorney | Lawyer for Bonding Someone Out of Jail

If your loved one is being held in the Arapahoe County Jail, a judge will set a bail or bond amount to bond them out of jail. If you have the money in cash form, you can post the bond amount and wait for the jail to release your friend. If you don't have enough cash to bond your friend out of jail, you may consider a bondsman. In cases where the bond amount is too high or you cannot afford a bondsman, you may consider consulting a criminal defense attorney. The criminal defense lawyers at the O'Malley Law Office can represent the accused person and attend their bond hearing to get the bond amount reduced.

Bondsman / Surety in Douglas County – Bonding / Bailing A Friend or Family Member Out of Jail With a Bondsperson

If you use a bondsman in Douglas County to help bond your friend or family member out of jail, you will have to pay the bondsman a rental fee. The bondsman will typically charge 10-15% of the bond amount, as a fee.  Once this fee is given to the bondsman, the person who provides it (often the bond cosigner) will not get the money back. When the bondsman posts the bond for your loved one, your loved one will be released from jail. The bondsman eventually gets their money back once your loved one's criminal case is over. However, if you have the cash to bond your loved one out of jail, our criminal defense lawyers would encourage you to post it yourself and not involve a bondsman. You too will get the money back at the end of your loved one's case as long as they come to court. Do note, also, that there will be a bonding and booking fee of around $50 in each criminal case. The jail and court will keep this money for the privilege of being arrested (yes, it sounds crazy).

Bond and Bail Forfeiture in Adams County – Failure to Appear in Court

In Adams County, the court will order a hearing for any possible bail or bond forfeiture, if someone fails to show up to court on a bond return date. A warrant for their arrest will be issued as well. In cases where someone fails to show up to court on a bond return date, a bondsman will try to get the cosigner to pay the bond amount in full.  Such a failure to appear is why most bondsmen and women require a cosigner on the bond, in addition to the rental fee (bond premium).

Jefferson County Lawyer for Bond and Bail – Call the O'Malley Law Office Today

If your friend or family member is being held in the Jefferson County Jail or any other jail in Colorado, contact the O'Malley Law Office right away. Our criminal defense lawyers care about the freedom of our clients. We care about getting their future back and protecting them from unfair charges or false allegations. Call the O'Malley Law Office today to schedule a free initial consultation with us so we can discuss your loved one's situation in more detail.

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If you have more questions about bonding a loved one out of jail in Englewood, Aurora, or Golden, Colorado, be smart and exercise their right to remain silent. Then, contact a Denver criminal defense lawyer at our office for a free initial consultation at 303-830-0880. We can even travel to the jail to meet with your friend or family member, for a reasonable fee.  We are available 24/7 to speak with you. Together, we can protect your loved one's future.Request a Free Consultation

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