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Charged with Harassment in Denver for Calling Too Much?

Posted by Unknown | Sep 29, 2014 | 0 Comments

Did you know you could care too much? Let's say your girlfriend breaks up with you without warning or explanation. You are devastated – you really thought she was the one. You want answers, and you're worried she's not mentally stable, so you call and text her over and over again, trying to get an answer. One day, after not hearing anything, you hear a knock on the door. It's the police: You have been charged with Harassment Domestic Violence in Denver County. You are shocked – you didn't know you could be charged with a crime for trying to get a hold of someone you love. But, it's true. In this blog, we'll look at this crime and how you are charged in Arapahoe, Douglas, and Jefferson County.

What is Harassment in Colorado?

Harassment  – C.R.S. 1-9-111, is considered to be a crime against the person. Here is our simplified definition of Harassment:

“Aperson will be charged with Harassment if they annoy another person by touching them, following them, communicating with them over a computer or phone at inconvenient hours, or insulting and / or taunting them in a coarse manner.”

Charged with Harassment?

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Obviously, this definition is extremely broad. This is why so many people are charged with Harassment in Colorado. You may think the example above is extreme; how can you be charged with a crime for trying to contact someone? It isn't far-fetched at all, in fact. Just recently, a Frenchman was charged after texting and calling his ex-girlfriend too many times.

Why the Domestic Violence Enhancement as Well?Man

Many people are confused by the additional enhancer of Domestic Violence. After all, they have never been violent! The enhancer increases the sentence range and probation requirements. Unfortunately, the Domestic Violence (DV) statute is even broader than the Harassment statute. DV is a sentence-enhancer. It isn't a crime in and of itself. It is added to any crime which occurs between two people who have been in an intimate relationship. The definition of “intimate relationship” is also extremely broad, so DV charges are commonly added to crimes all across Colorado. The problem with DV charges is that a person convicted of it will be required to go through treatment overseen by the Colorado Domestic Violence Offender Management Board (DVOMB). This treatment is costly and invasive and should be avoided, if possible.

Charged with Harassment? Why You Need a Lawyer

If you have been charged with Harassment, don't hesitate to contact an expert criminal defense lawyer to defend you in court. While you may be tempted to simply plead guilty and avoid jail time, this is unwise. A criminal record is damaging, no matter how small. Don't take chances with your future – fight the charges against you by working with a knowledgeable attorney who fights to win.

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