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Child Abuse Charges in Adams County | Harming Those Under 16

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Jun 15, 2023 | 0 Comments

Child Abuse Charges

Child abuse charges in Adams County, Colorado can result when someone harms a juvenile under 16 or puts them in a dangerous situation. A key factor in this particular offense is level of injury, as it can be the difference between a misdemeanor charge or a felony. Many different actions from leaving a child in the car while you shop to avoiding their medical care can lead to police involvement. Consult an experienced child abuse lawyer right away if you're facing these allegations in Thornton, Commerce City, or Brighton.

Adams County Child Abuse Law

Adams County's child abuse law prohibits mistreating children and putting them in harm's way. CRS 18-6-401 addresses the specific elements of Colorado's child abuse laws. You commit child abuse in Brighton, Thornton, or Commerce City if you:

  • cause an injury to a child's life or their health (physical / emotional abuse),
  • permit them to be in a situation that poses a threat of injury,
  • take continuous actions that lead to malnourishment, lack of medical care, cruel punishment, or mistreatment,
  • allow for accumulated injuries that lead to serious bodily injury or death,
  • DWAI or DUI with a child in your car,
  • allow children to be around the manufacturing of controlled substances,
  • or allow or perform a female circumcision or genital mutilation

This creates for a wide range of circumstances in which a parent, guardian, family member, or even a neighbor could face impactful criminal charges.

Can You Go to Jail for Child Abuse in Adams County?

Each child abuse case is different. Cases that don't include serious bodily injury or death are often misdemeanors. Defendants in these situations face:

  • up to 364 days in county jail,
  • a maximum fine of $1,000

With a prior conviction of abusing a minor anywhere in the US, the crime becomes a class 5 felony. Child abuse that results in serious bodily injury can be either a class 4 or 3 felony. These charges can lead to a substantial prison sentence (1 - 16 years) and six-figure fines. 

Adams County Child Abuse Lawyer

It is essential that adults protect themselves if facing allegations of child abuse in Colorado. These cases aren't always what they seem and law enforcement is known to overcharge. We have decades of combined experience navigating child abuse charges and are prepared for your unique case.

Contact our office for a free, confidential consultation with a strategic defense attorney. We will carefully analyze your case, as well as suggest next steps. Our affordable fees and flexible payment plans make skilled representation a reality in these times of uncertainty.

Don't talk to the police about child abuse charges - talk to us. Sawyer Legal Group, LLC 303-830-0880.

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