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Denver Juvenile Record Sealing Attorney | Why You Should Have Your Child’s Record Expunged

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Expungement is the term the courts use when referring to sealing a criminal record of a juvenile case. Many people think that because the case involves juveniles, it is protected and the information will not be available to the public. While this is true in theory, there are cases where information regarding a juvenile's record has been accessed. For example, there is a 19-year-old college pitcher who is basically a rock star and is being consider for a contract with a major league baseball team. But, the team is hesitating because they were provided with information about the pitcher's juvenile record. Apparently, the pitcher had a sex offense case against him when he was a juvenile. This information is causing teams to pass him over, even though he has helped his college team to the No. 1 overall seed and toward the College World Series. In situations like this, it makes me sad to think that the mistake of a child can take away this man's chance at doing what he loves for a living.

Arapahoe County Expungement Lawyer: Is My Child's Douglas County Record Eligible to Be Expunged?

Because the courts do see a juvenile case and an adult case differently, most juvenile records can be expunged. There are a few exceptions, though:

  • If the juvenile was adjudicated as an aggravated juvenile offender or a violent juvenile offender;
  • If the juvenile's case was direct filed into District Court (meaning the juvenile was charged as an adult); or
  • If the juvenile was adjudicated for unlawful sexual behavior.

Adjudication is basically the juvenile version of convicted. So, if your child takes a plea deal or is found guilty of a sex offense, he or she is adjudicated of that crime. The only way around this is if your child gets a deferred adjudication.

When Can My Child Have Their Record Expunged in Adams and Jefferson County?

If your child takes a deferred adjudication to any offense (even a sex offense), they can request to have their record expunged immediately the successful completion of the sentence. For an adjudication of an offense (not a sex offense) where the child was sentenced to probation, you can request the record be expunged one year after the successful completion of the probation sentence. A record can be expunged 3 years after a child's release from DYC or parole.

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