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Do Clients Want their Lawyer to Lie? Denver Criminal Defense Problems

Posted by Unknown | Sep 15, 2014 | 0 Comments

Ihave a bone to pick with people charged with crimes in Denver, Adams, and Jefferson County, and all across Colorado. As each day passes, I am convinced clients want their lawyers to lie to them about their case so they can feel good. We have been fired from cases because we gave our clients an honest opinion about their case. This defies logic in more ways than one. Let's take a closer look at why clients want their lawyers to lie, and why it's a bad idea.

Why Clients Want Their Lawyer to Lie About Their Case

There is one big reason clients want their lawyer to lie about the criminal case in Arapahoe, El Paso, or Douglas County. They don't want to hear the truth because it's difficult to hear. In other words, they want hope. I have had clients fire me because they don't “feel good” after they talk to me. Much like a cancer patient who seeks out a doctor who offers hope, we understand clients want the best possible outcome. But, they should not ignore reality. As a criminal defense lawyer in Colorado, I don't believe I should offer false hope to people and then tell them the truth later. Many attorneys do this in order to be hired by their client. They tell them they can get their case dismissed (without looking at the evidence first), and then backpedal when the case goes sour. This isn't a good way to defend people charged with crimes.

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We've Been Fired for Being Honest

There have been circumstances where we have been fired for telling the truth about a person's criminal case. One example that comes to mind is a Felony Child Abuse case. Two of our attorneys met with our client. After looking at the extensive evidence (which involves serious injury to a child), we told the man and his family the truth: We believed a prison sentence was likely in his case. This isn't what our client wanted to hear. He wanted to hear that we had a miraculous plan up our sleeve to get his case dismissed. The discovery (police reports) in his case was a nightmare for the defense. There were pictures of the injuries, statements made to the police admitting guilt, witnesses, and a doctor's statement about the injuries the child sustained. The case was so solid against our client; we knew he would face prison time. We could have lied and told our client he had hope – but it would have been a lie. We told him the truth, and we were fired because he didn't hear what he wanted to hear. Here are a few reasons why we are honest to our clients in criminal cases.

We Tell the Truth Because We're Experienced

The criminal defense lawyers at the O'Malley Law Office have over 25 years of experience in the courtroom. We have defended clients in hundreds of cases, including Burglary, Assault, and serious sex offense cases. After we read a police report and the discovery in a case, we know fairly quickly whether our clients have a good chance of getting their case dismissed.

Do people want us to give them false hope by lying to them?

We Tell the Truth So We Can Plan a Better Defense

If I focused only on the positive aspects of a case, we would lose in court. It is by finding the bad news – the weak points – in a case and planning the best defense possible that cases are dismissed. If I lie to clients about how their case is progressing in order to protect their feelings, they will be shocked and caught off guard when their case doesn't go how they expected. If we are prepared for the bad news in a case, we'll be able to protect our clients in the courtroom. Bad circumstances don't go away if we ignore them. They only grow worse.

We Tell the Truth Because It's the Right Thing to Do

Many lawyers lie to their clients. They only give them the good news in their case. They give them false hope and say they can get their case dismissed, without first looking at the evidence. We believe being honest is the only way to interact with our clients. People hire these lawyers because they think they'll win – only to be shocked when they go to jail or prison.

We believe being honest is the only way to interact with our clients – even if the news hurts.

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As Christian criminal defense lawyers, we have a strong belief that honesty is crucial in criminal cases. We don't want to provide hope, only to have it come crashing down. I don't lie to my clients, even when they want me to. Instead, I provide a realistic perspective of their case, and then work hard to get them the best possible outcome. Don't work with a lawyer who makes empty promises – work with an attorney who is honest and knowledgeable.

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