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Church Shooting Leads to First Degree Murder Charges

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Jun 19, 2015 | 0 Comments

Idon't know if you saw it, but this week there was a news story about a young man that shot and killed nine people in a church. People were gathered for a prayer service when the young man came into their church and opened fire. Eight people died inside of the church, while one other person died in the hospital. If this occurred in Adams or Douglas County, the man would face Murder in the First Degree charges.

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What is First Degree Murder in Denver?

The definition of Murder in the 1st Degree, C.R.S 18-3-102 is:

A person commits the crime of 1st Degree Murder if:

  1. After deliberation and with the intent to cause the death of a person other than himself, he causes the death of that person or of another person; or
  2. Acting alone or with one or more people, someone commits or attempts to commit arson, robbery, burglary, kidnapping, sexual assault, sexual assault in the first or second degree, sexual assault on a child, or the crime of escape, and a death of someone other than the participants is caused as a result of one of those crimes; or
  3. By perjury or subordination someone procures a conviction and execution of an innocent person; or
  4. Under circumstances where someone has an attitude of universal malice leading to indifference to the value of human life, someone knowingly engages in conduct that creates a risk of death of someone other than him or herself, and causes the death of another; or
  5. Someone commits unlawful distribution, dispensation, or sale of a controlled substance to a person under eighteen years of age on school grounds and causes the death of such person; or
  6. Someone knowingly causes the death of a child under twelve years of age and the person committing the offense is one in a position of trust with respect to the victim.
Murder in the First Degree charges are serious– working with an experienced defense attorney is crucial for your freedom.

The accused man carried a gun with him, a weapon, to a place where there was a gathering of people. There, he planned to kill, and did kill nine individuals. This makes it likely that he would face charges of 1st Degree Murder. Murder in the 1st Degree is a class 1 felony, meaning that a person convicted is sentenced to life in prison, and in some cases faces the death penalty. For those that are charged with Murder in the First Degree, we want you to know that sometimes other crimes are added to a murder charge to aggravate it, as stated in C.R.S  18-3-102(b). This can be overwhelming and many times make a person feel helpless, which is why you need an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side.

Why Do You Need the Best Denver Criminal Defense Lawyers?

As you can see from above, First Degree Murder is a serious charge resulting in serious penalties. However, we know there are some cases where someone is charged with 1st Degree Murder when no harm was intended. In those cases, Murder in the Second Degree is more appropriate. If you are facing a 1st Degree Murder charge, it is important to involve the best attorneys to be your advocates. Along with a team of psychologists, doctors, or polygraph examiners, we will investigate your criminal charges fully. The attorneys at the O'Malley Law Office vow to fight for your freedom.

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