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Denver Domestic Violence Harassment Lawyer: Jefferson County Lawyers Defending DV Harassment Charges

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In Denver and Jefferson County, Colorado, Domestic Violence charges frequently accompany Harassment charges. Domestic Violence acts as a sentence enhancer and can attach to any crime. When Domestic Violence attaches to Harassment, the potential consequences upon a conviction are elevated, such as possible jail /  imprisonment, fines and the possible loss of firearm rights.

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Harassment Domestic Violence Lawyer in Arapahoe and Adams County: When Are Harassment – DV Charges Filed?

Typically, Harassment, C.R.S. 18-9-111, charges occur in Arapahoe and Adams County whenever a person does any of the following things to a person they are or have ever been in an intimate relationship with:

  1. Follows or stalks them in public;
  2. Calls repeatedly at inappropriate times of the day (e.g. 3 am);
  3. Strikes, shoves, kicks, touches them or subjects them to physical contact;
  4. Calls or texts them to threaten injury or property damage or makes comments which are obscene over the computer or phone;
  5. Calls repeatedly with no desire to have a conversation;
  6. Insults, taunts, challenges or makes communications in offensive language to provoke a violent or disorderly response;
  7. Makes obscene comments or obscene gestures in public to or at the person.

Despite its name, Domestic Violence does not need to be charged with a physically violent crime or one that involves violent physical contact. Much of the conduct listed above does not involve violent conduct.  We frequently see Harassment Domestic Violence charges filed under circumstances where people get into arguments with their loved ones, or after a breakup occurs. Harassing a spouse, ex-girlfriend, or even a person you went on a couple of dates with, can lead to Harassment Domestic Violence charges.

DV Harassment Charges in Douglas County, Colorado: Call Us

Harassment is a class 3 misdemeanor or class 1 misdemeanor in Douglas County. If Domestic Violence is attached to Harassment, a person risks losing their firearm rights, their job and even their children. When you appear in Douglas County Court, the Douglas County District Attorney will try to get you to plead guilty at the Fast Track Hearing. Don't let the DA pressure you into pleading guilty. Instead, contact an affordable Domestic Violence Harassment lawyer from the O'Malley Law Office to learn about your options.

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