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Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Jun 03, 2019 | 0 Comments

Embezzlement is a theft crime in Denver, Colorado that involves someone unlawfully possessing, controlling, and utilizing another's funds. We often see situations where an individual chooses to take money from an employer or organization. Earlier this year, a Colorado mom was charged after stealing thousands of dollars from a parent-teacher organization's bank account for which she was the acting treasurer. She allegedly used the account to make ATM withdrawals and write herself checks. Anyone facing charges such as these should consult an expert Denver embezzlement attorney with experience defending theft crimes.

What is Considered Embezzlement in Colorado?

Embezzlement by Theft C.R.S. 18-4-401 and C.R.S. 18-4-403 includes behaviors such as stealing or misusing money or property, usually from a company or employer. Someone commits this offense in Denver when they:

  • knowingly obtain, retain, or take control over something of value belonging to another,
  • without authorization, by threat, or deception,
  • with the intent to permanently deprive the person or company of the use / benefit of the thing of value

Additionally, when someone uses, conceals, or abandons an item of value in a manner that permanently deprives another of its use, embezzlement by theft can result. In the example above, the woman has allegedly fit many of the criteria by using funds raised by the parent-teacher organization for her own benefit.

What is the Jail Time for Embezzlement in Denver?

Consequences of an embezzlement conviction depend on the value of the actual theft, the type of embezzlement, and the individuals / groups involved. Incarceration, fines, as well as substantial restitution are all possible punishments. Below is a quick snapshot of potential penalties based on the value of the property or items totaling under $2,000:

  • less than $50 = class 1 petty offense (up to 6 months in county jail)
  • $50 – $1,999 = misdemeanor (up to 18 months in county jail)

Any embezzlement by theft where the value is $2,000 or more is a felony in the state of Colorado. The mom mentioned above allegedly stole more than $20,000 from the parent-teacher organization, meaning she could face a class 4 felony. 2 – 6 years in the Colorado Department of Corrections and also fines up to $500,000 could apply.

Embezzlement Defense in Colorado | Denver Embezzlement Attorney

Embezzlement, just like other theft charges, can wreak havoc on the lives of those facing accusations. Fear, paranoia, and not knowing what to do next can be especially overwhelming. In times like this, you need a Denver embezzlement attorney on your side. There is vital evidence in all cases that requires expert analysis from a seasoned criminal defense attorney. Perhaps you didn't intend to permanently deprive an employer or company of the money or you had legal authority to use the funds. Nevertheless, consulting an expert theft lawyer can prove to be invaluable. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation where we will hear your side of the situation and suggest next steps, all while prioritizing your best possible outcome.

Are you or someone you know facing an embezzlement charge? Be smart. Contact the reputable defense lawyers at Sawyer Legal Group at 303-830-0880. Together, we can protect your future.

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