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Denver, Colorado Extradition Attorney | Fugitive from Justice and Extradition

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Police in Denver, Douglas County, and across Colorado put names of people who are “wanted” or considered a “fugitive” into the NCIC (National Crime Information Center). Every police department in the U.S. is a member and has access to this national crimes data base, where arrest warrants are stored. Then, officers search the database and the state database for warrants on every contact they make. This efficient system enables officers to learn whether they are talking to a wanted person who has a warrant from anywhere in the country – or even world. Then, if a hit comes back, the state issuing the warrant will quickly be notified and begin the process of bringing someone back to Colorado. This process is called Extradition.

Douglas County, Colorado Fugitive from Justice

“Fugitives” are people wanted by police in another state. A Fugitive from Justice is not always someone hiding out. Many do not know they are wanted or that they are being accused of a crime. When someone with a warrant is located in Douglas County, or anywhere in the United States, they can be arrested on the spot for extradition to a different state. On occasion, if Colorado police know where a person is living out of state, the local police are called and asked to go look for and arrest that person. If the wanted person is located, the state that issued the arrest warrant will formally request the return of the person through a Governor's Warrant.

An Example of the Extradition Process to Bring Someone Back to Denver County

As an example, someone commits a crime in Denver, but then flees across state borders into Wyoming. The person is pulled over for a minor traffic offense and the Wyoming State Police run their name through the NCIC database. When the report shows they have an active warrant, they're arrested and Denver County is notified. The governor's office in Colorado would send a governor's warrant to the governor's office in Wyoming, requesting that Wyoming police hold the fugitive until Denver can arrange for the transfer back to Colorado. The wanted person is referred to as a “foreign fugitive.” Extradition is costly, so most states only extradite people for serious felony offenses, such as Murder / Homicide or Sexual Assault, but not misdemeanors.

Extradition Help

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