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Denver False Reporting | Man Calls in Fake Bomb Threat to Get Fired

Posted by Unknown | Oct 28, 2015 | 0 Comments

When people don't like their job, they often try to find another job, quit, or just put up with their current job for a certain amount of time. For one man, none of those options sounded good. Instead, because he hated his job at a chocolate factory so much, he called in a fake bomb threat. His motive behind the threat was to get fired. When police arrived at his job, he told them he was unhappy with his work and wanted a way out. He may have had his wishes granted, but at a high cost. For calling in the fake bomb threat, the man faces charges of False Reporting in Denver County, Douglas County, and across Colorado.

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Man Makes Fake Bomb Threat: What is False Reporting in Denver?

In Denver and Adams County, and throughout Colorado, this man could face charges of False Reporting for “making a report or knowingly causing the transmission of a report to law enforcement authorities of a crime or other incident within his official concern when he knew that it didn't occur”, C.R.S. 18-8-111(1)(b). False Reporting is normally charged as a class 3 misdemeanor in Colorado, but it can also be charged as a class 2 misdemeanor under more serious circumstances or during the commission of another criminal offense.

Common Examples of False Reporting in Arapahoe County

People in Arapahoe and Jefferson County can face charges of False Reporting under many circumstances. Some common examples of how this crime could be charged in Colorado are if someone:

  1. Sets off a false fire alarm in an office building
  2. Prevents a fire alarm from going off in a school
  3. Gives police wrong identifying information to get out of a speeding ticket
  4. Makes a false report to police to get out of a bad situation

There are many other ways people can be charged with False Reporting in Colorado. And, there are many reasons people make false reports. People can become fearful when police are involved, they can become bitter towards someone, or they (like the man in the news story) can become unhappy with a situation. Most of the time when people make false reports, they're not thinking of the consequences. Their emotions simply cloud their judgment. Police don't consider these reasons when they make arrests. Only a skilled criminal defense lawyer who understands criminal law well  can explore all the options for people facing criminal charges of False Reporting anywhere in Colorado.

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