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Denver False Reporting of Sexual Assault by College Student

Denver False Reporting of Sexual Assault by College Student

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Aug 24, 2015 | 0 Comments

False accusations of sexual assault are humiliating across Arapahoe and Douglas County, Colorado. Accusers become bitter, they crave attention or they underestimate consequences when making false claims of sexual assault. However, false accusations are taken seriously by every police department in Colorado. In one news story, a female student at a university alleged she was groped by a stranger in a parking garage. But, when the claim was investigated further, there was no proof of that occurring. Witness testimony and footage from a surveillance camera disproved the student's claims. Eventually, the student admitted that she was lying and now faces charges of False Reporting as a result.

Jefferson County False Reporting and Evidence

The student in this news story faces charges of False Reporting, C.R.S. 18-8-111 because of one reason: evidence. In most cases when someone has committed a crime, evidence leads to charges or convictions in Jefferson or Adams County.  In this student's case, she reported a crime that didn't occur. Police had evidence of a false report after viewing video footage and from speaking with witnesses. Yet, when it comes to many sexual assault accusations in Jefferson or Adams County, police are quick to arrest and charge the accused without evidence. They are slow to dismiss charges.

Facing false claims of sexual assault?

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Sexual Assault Accusations in Colorado

You need an aggressive sex crimes attorney to stand by your side if facing false claims of sexual assault.In many sex crime cases in Denver and across Colorado, people are arrested and charged after a sexual assault claim is made against them. Proof of a sexual assault is difficult to find, which is why our criminal justice system often sends men and women to prison based on someone's word alone. Why should a person suffer because of someone else's immaturity? If someone is bitter or craves attention, a false claim can seem satisfying. But, a false claim can ruin the future of the innocent. Additionally, false sexual assault accusations are not always taken seriously. For example, according to the news story, the school that the college student attends said it's too hard for them to prove or disprove a sexual assault. As a result, they don't take action if someone has lied to them about a sexual assault occurrence. If that's the case, false sex assault accusations will continue to be made to the school like they're no big deal.

Facing False Accusations? You Need the Best Denver Sex Crimes Lawyers

Even when someone's innocent, a false claim can make a negative impact. The media can exaggerate a story of sexual assault and help society pass judgment on the accused. This is unfair. If you or your loved one is facing accusations of sexual assault in Denver or El Paso County, contact a defense attorney right away. We will fight hard to protect your future.

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