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Denver Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer: Four Juveniles Charged After Shooting in Colorado

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According to the news, four juvenile males were arrested after allegedly being connected to a shooting in Colorado. The Douglas County Sheriff's Office reported they first received a call stating four vehicles' windows had been smashed. Later, they received another call that a juvenile was found inside someone's vehicle, where shots were fired. The four juveniles then took off in their vehicle and were later identified driving on Interstate 25 by police. Police tried to get them to stop, but they sped off. All four juvenile suspects were eventually taken into custody / arrested after they crashed their car into a curb on an exit off the highway. In Denver and Arapahoe County, the juveniles could be charged with Vehicular Eluding, Criminal Mischief, and Illegal Discharge of a Firearm.

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Vehicular Eluding Denver Defense Attorney: What is Vehicular Eluding?

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In Denver and Jefferson County, the four juveniles (particularly their car's driver) could be charged with Vehicular Eluding, C.R.S. 18-9-116.5, for knowingly eluding or attempting to elude a peace officer operating a motor vehicle, while they also were operating a motor vehicle. The juveniles could also be charged with Vehicular Eluding if they knew or reasonably should have known they were being pursued by police and for operating their vehicle in a reckless manner. A conviction would end the driver's driving career for a long time, as he would lose his license.

Criminal Mischief Criminal Lawyer in Arapahoe County

In Arapahoe and El Paso County, the four juveniles could also be charged with Criminal Mischief, C.R.S. 18-4-501.  The definition of this crime involves knowingly damaging real or personal property of one or more other persons (smashing car windows), including property owned by the person jointly with another person or property owned by the person in which another person has a possessory or proprietary interest, in the course of a single criminal episode.

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Douglas County Illegal Discharge of a Firearm Attorney

Finally, the juveniles could be charged with Illegal Discharge of a Firearm, C.R.S. 18-12-107.5, in Douglas and Adams County, for knowingly or recklessly discharging a firearm into any dwelling or any other building or occupied structure, or into any motor vehicle occupied by any person.

Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney for Charges in Aurora: What Happens after a Juvenile is Arrested or Accused?

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After a juvenile is arrested, they will appear before a judge in juvenile court.

In Denver, Aurora and across Colorado, after a juvenile is arrested or accused of a crime, they will have to appear before a juvenile judge or magistrate in juvenile court. If a juvenile is found guilty, instead of a criminal conviction, he / she will receive an adjudication in Denver and Douglas County. In more serious criminal cases, however, such as with Juvenile Sexual Assault on a Child or Homicide, a juvenile can be charged as an adult. This is known as a Direct File / Direct Filing. In most juvenile cases, however, a skilled Denver criminal defense lawyer will be able to help expunge a juvenile's criminal record. Our juvenile criminal defense lawyers also visit juveniles charged with a crime in a number of juvenile detention centers in Colorado. If your child has been accused, arrested or charged with a juvenile crime, contact our experienced juvenile criminal defense attorneys for a jail visit or detention center lawyer visit today.

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