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Denver Probation Revocation and Revocation of Deferred Judgment

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Deferred judgments and probation sentences can often be favorable outcomes in criminal cases in Denver, Morgan County and across Colorado. At the end of a deferred judgment, you'll receive a case dismissal and you can have your record sealed, as long as you obey required terms and conditions. Concerning probation, you may receive a probation sentence in place of a jail or prison sentence. However, if you do not obey the rules laid out in your deferred judgment or probation sentence, you can face a Petition to Revoke your probation or deferred judgment.

Facing Probation Revocation?

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Douglas County Deferred Judgment Revocation Attorney: What is a Petition to Revoke a Deferred Judgment in Douglas County and Across Colorado?

In Castle Rock, Douglas County and across Colorado, a deferred judgment means you will plead guilty to one or more charges. You will also complete conditions that are similar to probation conditions. If you complete these conditions successfully, you can receive a case dismissal and then have your record sealed. But, if you do not successfully complete these conditions, a Petition to Revoke Deferred Judgment or Complaint to Revoke Deferred Judgment and Sentence will be filed. A hearing will then be set to find out whether you violated the conditions of your deferred judgment. If you did violate the conditions of your deferred, you will be resentenced and face any original possible consequences. These consequences may be work release, a prison or jail sentence, or a new probation sentence.

If you've violated your probation or deferred judgment, contact our criminal defense attorneys today.

Petition to Revoke an Adams County Probation Sentence

In Adams County, Arapahoe County and across Colorado, probation is mainly an alternative to a jail or prison sentence. In most cases, probation is supervised, but there are cases where you can receive unsupervised probation. In the event you do not obey the rules and terms of your probation, a Petition to Revoke Probation or Complaint to Revoke Probation will be filed. If a judge determines you violated your probation in Colorado, you may be resentenced to the original possible sentences, such as a prison or jail sentence, new probation sentence or work release.

Deferred Judgment Revocation or Probation Revocation Hearing in Jefferson County

At a deferred judgment or probation revocation hearing in Jefferson County or anywhere else in Colorado, there will be a judge but no jury. Both sides can also call witnesses. Probation officers are often the main witnesses for deferred judgment or probation revocation hearings. In some cases, a diversion or deferred judgment officer is the main witness. A deferred judgment officer can testify that you didn't show up to your appointments, didn't complete treatment, didn't complete community service, failed to pay fines, didn't pay restitution, committed another offense, had a hot UA (Urinalysis), or didn't report to jail for a sentence before probation started. These allegations should be clear in your Petition to Revoke. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will need to present evidence to the judge explaining why you failed to meet any of these conditions, and whether it was your fault.

Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer for Probation or Deferred Judgment Revocation Accusations

If you face accusations of violating your Arapahoe County deferred judgment or probation sentence, call the best criminal defense lawyers at the O'Malley Law Office immediately. You should never try to defend yourself against allegations in your Petition to Revoke probation or deferred judgment in Colorado. Call our office today and set up a free initial consultation with one of our experienced lawyers and protect your future.

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