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Denver and Sedgwick County Forgery Attorney | How Forgery is Charged in Colorado

Denver and Sedgwick County Forgery Attorney | How Forgery is Charged in Colorado

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Forgery, C.R.S. 18-5-102, charges occur in Denver, Sedgwick County and everywhere else in Colorado if, with intent to defraud, you make changes to something important or create something fictitious. First Degree Forgery in Colorado is a class 5 felony, which can result in up to 3 years in prison. You can also face charges of Second Degree Forgery, C.R.S. 18-5-103, if you make changes to any written instrument not listed below. Second Degree Forgery is a class 1 misdemeanor in Colorado.  Let's study examples of these crimes and their definitions.

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Stocks and Bonds Forgery Lawyer in Douglas County, Colorado

Under the Forgery statute, C.R.S. 18-5-102, one way you can face felony Forgery charges in Douglas County or any other part of Colorado is if you alter stocks, bonds, or other instruments representing interests in or claims against a corporate or other organization or its property.

Forgery Attorney in Arapahoe County for Forgery of Money and Other Valuable Instruments

You can also face charges of Forgery in Arapahoe County and across Colorado for altering instruments such as money, stamps, securities or other valuable instruments issued by a government or government agency. For example, if you make changes to any money documents, such as a contract where you owe money, you can face charges of Forgery.

Deed or Will Fraud in Adams County, Colorado

If you alter a deed, will, codicil, contract, assignment, commercial instrument, promissory note, or check, you can face charges of Forgery in Adams County. You can also face felony Forgery charges for making changes to any other instrument which does or may evidence, create, transfer, terminate or otherwise affect a legal right, interest, obligation or status. Let's say someone makes changes to their parent's will so they inherit more property than their sibling, when that wasn't stated in the will. In this example, that person would face charges of Forgery.

Denver Fraud Attorney on Fraud Involving Public Records Filed with Government

In Denver and across Colorado, you may also face Forgery charges if you make changes to a public record or instrument filed, required by law to be filed or that is fileable in or with a public office or public servant. Public servants could be people like county clerks or police officers. Additionally, Forgery charges can occur whenever someone alters a written instrument issued or created by a public office, public servant or government agency. An example of how you could face Forgery charges under this part of the Forgery statute is if you alter a record of property you own, such as an office building. This record would be considered a government record.

Transportation Fees Forgery in Jefferson County, Colorado

Another way you can face Forgery charges in Jefferson County and across Colorado is if you make changes to tokens, transfers, certificates, or other articles manufactured and designed for use in transportation fees upon public conveyances, or as symbols of value usable in place of money for the purchase of property or services available to the public for compensation. Perhaps a good example of this is if someone signs someone else's name when they receive a traffic ticket to avoid paying it.

Lottery Fraud in Gilpin County, Colorado

Further, you can face felony Forgery charges in Gilpin County and across Colorado, if you make changes to lottery tickets, shares designed for use in the lottery, or gambling instruments.

Identification Document Forgery in El Paso County, Colorado

Lastly, you can face Forgery charges in El Paso County, Colorado if you make a document-making implement that may be used or is used in the production of a false identification document or in the production of another document-making implement to produce false identification documents. An example of this would be if someone creates a fake ID or alters an ID, perhaps to buy alcohol, drive or get into a bar venue that requires them to be a certain age.

Facing Forgery Charges in Colorado? Contact a Forgery Lawyer

As you can see, there are many different ways you can face accusations or charges of Forgery in Colorado. However, to be convicted of Forgery in Colorado, prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you had intent to defraud and made changes to an official document. Regrettably, many DA's charge Forgery even if they don't know they can prove their side in court or when there is no evidence. You can never afford to fight the prosecutor's side in court alone. You need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer who will argue any false or exaggerated charges against you. If facing charges of Forgery in Colorado, call a Forgery attorney at the O'Malley Law Office to set up a free initial consultation today.

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