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Denver Theft Attorney | Teacher Steals from Parent Teacher Organization

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Theft is taking something from someone with the intention of never giving it back. In Denver, Arapahoe, and Douglas County, Theft can come in many different forms. These charges can result after shoplifting a lipstick, not returning a library book, or taking money from the PTO, like one teacher did. According to the news, the teacher had taken a total of $88,000 in Parent Teacher Organization funds by making cash withdrawals and keeping money raised from fundraisers.

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Douglas County Theft Lawyer: What is the Definition of Theft for the Teacher in Arapahoe County?

The Arapahoe and Douglas County, Colorado law definition of Theft – C.R.S. 18-4-401 – is:

“A person commits theft when he or she knowingly obtains, retains, or exercises control over anything of value of another without authorization or by threat or deception; or receives, loans money by pawn or pledge on, or disposes of anything of value or belonging to another that he or she knows or believes to have been stolen, and:

(a) Intends to deprive the other person permanently of the use or benefit of the thing of value;

(b) Knowingly uses, conceals, or abandons the thing of value in such manner as to deprive the other person permanently of its use or benefit;

(c) Uses, conceals, or abandons the thing of value intending that such use, concealment, or abandonment will deprive the other person permanently of its use or benefit;

(d) Demands any consideration to which he or she is not legally entitled as a condition of restoring the thing of value to the other person; or

(e) Knowingly retains the thing of value more than seventy-two hours after the agreed-upon time of return in any lease or hire agreement.”

The teacher is accused of using deception to keep the money that she had no legal right to.

Sentence for Theft in Adams and Jefferson County

Theft can be charged as a petty offense, misdemeanor or felony depending on the amount or value of the items taken:

  • Less than $50 – class 1 petty offense Theft
  • $50 to $299 – class 3 misdemeanor Theft
  • $300 – $749 – class 2 misdemeanor Theft
  • $750 – $1,999 – class 1 misdemeanor Theft
  • $2,000 – $4,999 – class 6 felony Theft
  • $5,000 – $19,999 – class 5 felony Theft
  • $20,000 – $99,999 – class 4 felony Theft
  • $100,000 – $999,999 – class 3 felony Theft
  • $1,000,000 or more – class 2 felony Theft

The teacher would be facing a class 4 felony for the $88,000 Theft.

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