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What is Dependency and Neglect in Denver and Adams County? The Department of Human Services and Social Services Don’t Always Want to Protect Your Kids in Denver

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When accidents occur and children get hurt in Denver and Adams County, the Adams County Department of Social Services and the Adams County attorney will often file Dependency and Neglect cases against parents who had no intention of harming their child. Your child will be seen as in need of protection – from you!

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Arapahoe County Dependency and Neglect Cases – A Real World Example

Let's say a child accidentally hurts themselves at home in Arapahoe County. Upon learning about the injury at school, the child's teacher calls the Arapahoe County Department of Social Services. The teacher is motivated to call the Department of Social Services out of fear that if the incident is not reported, she will get in trouble because of Colorado's Mandatory Reporting laws. Once the incident is reported, the Department of Human Services can then file a Dependency and Neglect case.  You will be required to appear and defend yourself, much like in a criminal case.  In fact, many D&N cases are fed to police who file separate Child Abuse charges against parents.

Dependency and Neglect Lawyer in Douglas County: Losing Parental Rights

Colorado lawmakers fear the general public's opinion that laws must exist to protect any child who is injured.  As a result, many laws are created which don't serve to protect children, but instead make parents prove they are good parents. Judges, social services, police, and county attorneys fear for their job security if they don't do everything they can to join in protecting  children. In many cases, this means filing Douglas County Dependency and Neglect cases. They fear that if they don't file a Dependency and Neglect case where a child has been put at risk of harm or hurt, they may lose their jobs. In some D & N cases where good parents don't want to do what social services wants, the Department of Social Services may threaten to petition the court to take away their parental rights. Our criminal defense lawyers believe this is unnecessary and we fight to protect parents from this process.

Dependency and Neglect Attorney in Jefferson County: Foster Care Possible for Children

Too often, the Jefferson County Department of Social Services has a default reaction to reports of child endangerment.  They choose to immediately place children into foster care after a Dependency and Neglect case has been filed. While sometimes putting a child into foster care is intended to protect a child, it often is not necessary and can cause great trauma to a child.  In many cases, children are placed in foster care more to protect the jobs of social workers, than to protect kids. Also, the process to get children out of foster care moves very slow – all while kids are hurting and missing their parents. Pleas for prompt reunification fall on deaf ears.

Lawyer for Dependency and Neglect Cases in Denver and El Paso County: Call Today

Undergoing the stress of a Dependency and Neglect case in Denver or El Paso County is never easy. Our criminal defense lawyers know many people in government positions care more about their job security than the well-being of you and your children. Don't become overburdened by carrying the weight of a D&N case in Colorado alone. Call Sawyer Legal Group today to set up a free initial consultation to protect you and your family.

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