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Denver Domestic Violence Attorney | Assault with a Package of Bacon

Posted by Unknown | Oct 24, 2017 | 0 Comments

Having physical contact with another person and causing pain, no matter how minor, can result in Domestic Violence Third Degree Assault charges – especially if the contact occurs between two people in a relationship. When Denver police get involved after a call to report a domestic issue, an arrest and charges almost always follow. A man recently reached out to police after he and his girlfriend had an altercation. According to the report, the man was arguing with his girlfriend in their apartment, when she grabbed a package of bacon and slapped him across the face with it. While it may seem ridiculous, if this had occurred in Denver, Arapahoe or Douglas County, the girlfriend likely would have been charged with Harassment or Third Degree Assault as an act of Domestic Violence.

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Bacon Slap Domestic Violence Arrest in Jefferson and Adams County

When an allegation is made against another, Jefferson County Sheriff Deputies will ask about the nature of the relationship. If the two people are currently or have been in an intimate relationship, then the charges will carry the Domestic Violence sentence enhancer. When a case is labeled as Domestic Violence (or DV), there are mandatory events that will happen:

  1. An arrest will be made – even if the charge is Harassment (the lowest level misdemeanor in Adams County) and is normally handled through a summons. For DV, no matter what the criminal charge is, an arrest will be made.
  2. A mandatory protection order will be entered – part of the reason an arrest must be made is so the accused can go before a Jefferson County Court judge and have a mandatory protection order entered. This protection order will prevent the accused from having any contact with the accuser.

Mandatory Protection Orders and Domestic Violence Cases in Arapahoe and Douglas County

Often, we hear from both the defendant and the victim regarding how much they want the protection order modified to allow contact. Cases in Arapahoe and Douglas County can go one for months, and for those who are currently in a relationship or have children together, it places a terrible burden on both the victim and the accused when they are prohibited from having contact. An experienced Domestic Violence lawyer knows how to approach the DA and judge to request modifications to a protection order.

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