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DUI Defense Attorney in Adams County

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Jun 07, 2023 | 0 Comments

DUI Defense Attorney

Driving under the influence is a crime in Adams County, Colorado that sometimes spikes around the summer months. District attorneys are known to assume that any DUI arrest means the person is guilty of driving under the influence. However, many reasons exist as to why someone might speed, run a stop sign, or commit another traffic offense. While alcohol does play a part some of the time, other life stresses can cause certain actions behind the wheel as well. Accusations or charges of driving under the influence requires skilled representation from an experienced DUI defense attorney.

Key DUI Factors in Colorado

C.R.S. 42-4-1301 defines the specific elements of driving under the influence throughout the state of Colorado. A few key factors that impact a DUI situation in Thornton, Commerce City, or Brighton include:

  • the volume of alcohol you consumed,
  • when you had the drinks,
  • your physical size,
  • and when you last ate

These items may not be your focus when attending a party with coworkers or out with friends. However, it is simply best practice to not drive after even one drink. There are too many risks involved and you could end up losing your driver's license, spending time in jail, or seriously injuring someone.

Roadside Maneuvers in Adams County

You may have heard before that declining roadside tests is wise when pulled over by a cop in Thornton or Commerce City. It is important to reiterate this concept and be aware that these practices are voluntary. They are nothing more than an attempt to gain probable cause, potentially leading to an arrest. Here are the steps we recommend if pulled over in Adams County:

  1. get out your license and insurance before police approach your car,
  2. only put the window down a bit,
  3. don't answer questions surrounding if you've been drinking or where,
  4. decline all roadside tests or portable breath tests

Adams County DUI Defense Attorney

Whether facing a DWAI or DUI in Colorado, an aggressive criminal defense attorney is essential to your case. We have decades of combined experience representing clients facing DUI charges throughout Colorado. Contact our office today for a free initial consultation. We will carefully analyze your unique DUI or DWAI case and suggest next steps in forming a strong defense. We offer same-day jail visits, affordable fees, and flexible payment plans for those facing accusations throughout the front range.

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