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DWAI Lawyer in Denver | Driving While Ability Impaired

Posted by Kyle B. Sawyer | Mar 28, 2024 | 0 Comments

DWAI lawyer Denver

Driving a vehicle while you're even slightly affected by alcohol or drugs can lead to DWAI charges in Colorado. Whether the source of your questionable or sporadic behavior behind the wheel is alcohol, marijuana, or prescription medications, DWAI has stiff penalties. On top of possible jail time, fines, and community service, some face losing their driver's license as points add up for traffic offenses.

There are important steps you should take when facing an accusation of DWAI in Denver, Cherry Creek, or Park Hill. Consult a skilled DWAI lawyer today to answer your questions and outline a path to a successful outcome.

Denver DWAI Offense

Denver's DWAI law prohibits driving a car, truck, van, or motorcycle while affected by drugs and / or alcohol. CRS 42-4-1301 provides DWAI definitions in Colorado. You commit this crime in Denver, Montbello, or Green Valley Ranch if you:

  • drive a vehicle,
  • while affected by alcohol or drugs,
  • in even the slightest degree

While there isn't a set blood alcohol content level for DWAI in Denver, a BAC of between .05% and .08% is generally considered impaired. We highly recommend that driver's pulled over on suspicion of DWAI or DUI, politely decline any roadside maneuvers police suggest. These are voluntary and often only hurt your case.

DWAI Punishments in Colorado

DWAI penalties in Colorado depend largely on how many prior convictions a driver has (in any state). As a first offense, DWAI conviction can result in:

  • 2 – 180 days in county jail,
  • a maximum fine of $500,
  • up to 48 hrs community service,
  • 8 points

From there, jail time, fines, and community service can increase with a 2nd or 3rd offense. Additionally, as points accumulate against your DMV driving record, each DWAI can put you over the limit and revoke your driving privileges.

Colorado DWAI Lawyer

Securing an experienced attorney early on can have many benefits and often leads to a better outcome. We have decades of combined experience successfully representing clients facing DWAI and DUI charges throughout Colorado.

Perhaps your BAC was under .05%, your driving wasn't impaired, or there wasn't probable cause to pull you over. Nonetheless, contact our office for a free consultation. A skilled DWAI lawyer will carefully look over your situation and recommend next steps. Our affordable fees and flexible payment plans make skilled DWAI defense a reality for the accused.

Don't talk to police about accusations of DWAI - talk to us. 303-830-0880

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