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Denver False Imprisonment Lawyer: False Imprisonment Charges More Common Than You Think in Douglas County

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The definition of False Imprisonment, C.R.S. 18-3-303, in Denver and Douglas County is:

“Any person who knowingly confines or detains another without the other's consent and without proper legal authority commits false imprisonment.”

False Imprisonment, shockingly, can occur in everyday situations without a person even realizing it. Take the example of a couple who gets into an argument and the boyfriend doesn't let his girlfriend leave the house when she wants to, so they can talk. In other cases, perhaps a person doesn't let another person leave their vehicle when they are in the middle of an important conversation. In these cases, False Imprisonment charges can be filed.

False Imprisonment Lawyer in Adams County: False Imprisonment is a Common Misdemeanor or Felony

False Imprisonment can be classified as a misdemeanor or felony in Adams County. The possible consequences of a False Imprisonment charge depend on whether it is a misdemeanor or felony charge. Normally, False Imprisonment is a class 2 misdemeanor, subject to up to 12 months in the Adams County Jail. However, if you use force or threat of force to confine or detain another person, False Imprisonment becomes a class 5 felony, subject to up to 3 years in the Colorado Department of Corrections.

False Imprisonment and Domestic Violence Charges Common in Arapahoe and Jefferson County

False Imprisonment is frequently charged with Domestic Violence in Arapahoe and Jefferson County, if someone you are or have ever been in an “intimate relationship” with is involved. Domestic Violence acts as a sentence enhancer which can negatively impact your firearm rights, and require DV treatment. The best thing to do to achieve the best possible outcome in your False Imprisonment case (and if facing added DV charges), is to remain silent. Do not give statements to police. Then, contact a False Imprisonment criminal defense attorney at the O'Malley Law Office who can advise you of your rights.

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